Saturday, May 9, 2009

yet more vindictiveness from neurodiversity

Well autism's gadfly and hating autism and the age of autism blogs have decided that because of an upcoming newsweek article which will probably be favorable towards the ND movement, that we believe that our side of the story should be told. I see that in response to this one of my favorite neurodiversity propagandists and hatemongers, the "autistic bitch from hell" is at it again. She calls me and Jake Crosby and John Best Ignoramuses and trolls in response to our blog posts asking our side be told. She even goes on to state that John Best made a death threat against Ari Nee'man. This is a lie. Best only wrote a headline saying "ask newsweek to kill ari nee'man". He was not literally saying he would murder ari or even that someone should "off" ari. Best only meant this in the metaphorical sense that newsweek should not run ari's piece without allowing us who disagree to tell our side of the story. I want to emphasize that I am not defending a lot of Best's behavior. I do agree he goes quite overboard sometimes and I have suggested to him that he should tone down his rhetoric. I do understand why he has so much anger and contempt for these people and I certainly don't blame him for that. He has a son who can't speak and will probably have to be institutionalized when he is too old to take care of him and this is something no parent wants to do.

These people seem to think we are being ridiculous in responding to an as yet unpublished piece. I do not agree. I believe a proactive fight against the ND movement is necessary. I feel that this should be nipped in the bud or at least our side can be told as well. Only ND's would think this unreasonable. She also comments on how few people read our websites. Somehow I suspect that the traffic at age of autism far exceeds her blog.

We see that the "autistic bitch from hell" has been confused before She was writing her usual misinformed propaganda against autism speaks. She could not even get her most rudimentary facts correct. She stated that the only thing on autism speaks agenda was finding a way to abort autistic fetuses. After I pointed out how ridiculous she was when anyone could go to AS web page and see all the research they do which has nothing to do with developing a genetic test, she was so embarrassed by her faux pas that she changed the wording of her post from "only thing on their agenda" to "ultimate goal".

She states that people should donate money to ASAN in response to our posts, claiming this is an effective way to ignore us because we are trolls. Funny thing is she is responding, again she is confused.

She claims that we are haters. Yes, I am a hater, I hate autism and everything about it and I long for a cure and way to prevent it happening to other children so they won't be crippled and sick for life. I do not hate the people who are afflicted with autism. ABFH and other neurodiversitites are intoxicated with hate. They stoop to insults and name calling and abuse.

They call me a troll because I want to take a proactive stance against ND's absolutely inane agenda and I feel that my side of the story should be told. She can't even refute any of our arguments with facts and has to resort to this personal attack and name calling. It truly saddens me that since they have no arguments at all that refute my positions, jake crosby's positions and John Best's positions that they have to engage in such behavior.


Anonymous said...

Jake Crosby first off is a liar. He is not autistic. I don't think you should support someone that doesn't tell the truth.

jonathan said...

Well anonymous, why don't you provide some proof to back up your allegations. What has he lied about besides not being autistic? What proof do you have that he is not autistic? Considering you won't even sign your name I doubt you have any.

Jake reads this blog so I suspect he may want some answers from you also.

John Best said...

Hi Jonathan,
I found a new neuronitwit connected with this autistic abuse who claims to be some sort of doctor.

Just like ABFH, she deletes comments that show her to be an idiot so I blogged about her.

Jake Crosby said...

Kent, is that you up there trying to undiagnose me?

SM69 said...

Anon et al.

You have to excuse my naivety, please do appreciate that I learned English in my early twenties only, but I thought I should tell a little story about Anon. Well, not so long ago as I was working with a student volunteer on some data, I came across a quote signed Anon. The quote was very good and I wanted to know more about Anon. I thought I had heard that name somewhere. I didn’t want to look like a total idiot (but I did in the end), and asked the student, Anon, I have read some of his stuff, but I cannot remember who he is really…? Waiting for him to enlighten me,.. And he did, lol. I told him, WoW, that’s the guy I should marry. He has written some much good stuff, he is every where, all around but never here really. He has so much experience, and his name is rather romantic too, undefined, intriguing. Plus he is very famous. So, here I am, waiting for Anon.

I thought I should clarify, the French word for Anonymous, is Anomyme (so I don't really have any excuse).

Kara said...

If you hate autism itself (and not the way people respond to your disability-which seems to be the main issue), then do you also hate a piece of yourself? I sincerely hope not-but I hate to read assumptions on how children experience disability. Keep up the advocacy-I just wish it were differently directed.

jonathan said...

Kara: I both hate autism and the way that people respond to me because of my disability. I hate the fact that a small part of my brain is damaged or dysfunctional giving me so many limitations. If that is the same thing as hating a piece of myself so be it.

SM69 said...

I understand Kara’s comment, and I agree with it. I cannot dissociate the autism part in my son, I see him as a whole individual whom I love dearly. Whilst I wish and will continue to do everything in my power to help him, feel better, be less sick, be happy, be accepted, be included and yes there is so much frustration / anger with the incredible barriers I have come across, I am 100% behind him for who he is an individual. I meet parents of children who have done well on biomedical, though the child is still different and appears stable in that presentation, but overall doing very well. At that stage, my advice is only to leave minimal (if still is needed) intervention in place and to only focus on integration, social and school support. No matter what you think Jonathan, how one feels about being different can greatly be facilitated by people changing their opinion, perception and response to autism and disability in general. How you feel about yourself is partly related to how you feel people respond to you. It’s like this for everyone, we all need some feedback to know how we are doing. If you were receiving constant positive vib. you would feel better, and even glad to be who you are. I think this is the point of the ND movement. Having said this, the increased rate of autism indicates triggers and this needs to be dealt with. And there are many ways individuals can feel better, nutrition has an incredible impact. I think we all want the best, and everyone’s input is needed in this. The conflicts between sub-groups is unhelpful and relate more to the autism personality traits (conflict, single minded, not fitting) than true and profound divergences of opinions.

John Best said...

Autistic children hate autism so much that they try to bash their heads through cement. They endure a lot of pain and do not enjoy having their brains scrambled by thimerosal.