Tuesday, November 8, 2016

One last thought on the election madness

The election is today and I've already cast my vote.  I wanted to make a blog post before it ends tomorrow.

Donald Trump believes that autism is caused by vaccines.  I think he may also believe in a government conspiracy.  He also mocked a disabled reporter which means he mocked me and all other disabled people.

Hillary Clinton listens to neurodiversity and makes pie in the sky promises she can't possibly keep.  Like getting autistics jobs through the ADA and legislating bullying out of existence.  She also wants to do an adult prevalence study which I feel is a waste of taxpayer money.  In fact I think the whole ADDM that the CDC does due to the CARES act (combating autism act before) is a waste of taxpayer money.  I wrote about Clinton's baloney in a previous post.

Ari Ne'eman is resigning his presidency of ASAN effective next month and Julia Bascom is taking his place.  He'll still be on the board of directors and may still accept his high salary and continue to raise it.  I suspect he may be appointed to be an "autism czar" in the Clinton administration. 

Whoever is the president elect tomorrow, it's going to be a sad day as far as U.S. autism policy is concerned, at least for me.