Wednesday, July 29, 2020

A reading of "The Mu Rhythm Bluff"

As many of those who have followed me over the years know, about seven years ago, I self-published a novel "The Mu Rhythm Bluff" on Amazon.  I hoped I could use my autism as a gimmick to promote it.  However, you know what they say about the best laid plans of mice and men.  It basically went nowhere and it sold about 250 copies, though seven years later, I still sell some copies from time to time. 

Not only did the gimmick not work the way I wanted it to, but now autistic novelists may soon be a dime a dozen.  Madeleine Ryan, the Australian writer who recently published an article in the New York Times telling parents that their autistic child is perfect has a novel published by a major house that will be released next month.  Helen Hoang who is married with children and diagnosed with autism at age 34 has stated that her autism is so mild that it does not even feel like a disability.  Her novels have been commercially successful and for a brief time one of her novels was in the top 100 in Amazon's kindle store. 

I gave up on trying to promote it a while ago, but I suppose most novels (even those published by a major house) have a shelf life of less than seven years. 

I recently purchased a web cam and have been making some videos to test it out.  Just now I made one of my reading from the beginning of "The Mu Rhythm Bluff".  If anyone is interested in purchasing the novel, either kindle or paperback, the link to do so is at the top of my blog, featuring the artwork of my talented cover artist Liz Ingersoll.  I've decided to post the video in this blog enjoy: