Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Ari Ne'eman and ASAN try to take over CARES act and exclude pro-cure autistics

The government has now taken the side of the neurodiversity movement after passage of the CARES (not interested in repeating the assinine acronym) act which was formerly entitled The combating autism act.  The feds responded to all the pro-neurodiverse individuals who are against the ultimate goal of curing autism.  The government agreed with them and changed the name of the law.

However, Ari Ne'eman and ASAN are well aware of the truism first stated by Shakespeare what's in a name?  Though a rose by any other name smells equally foul, ASAN and Ne'eman have now come out with an action alert with the ironic title Will Your member of congress support autistic people.

They've also persuaded neurodiverse congresswoman Jan Schakowsky to write a letter to the secretary of HHS and the head of the national institute of health urging them to allow anti-cure autistics who want people like me to be crippled and sick and lonely and in dire straights unless we have parents to support us to dictate autism policy and ensure that only people who have alleged autism and believe in neurodiversity to dictate government autism policy and exclude those of us who wish for a cure for autism and believe autism is a disorder and not just a social disability. 

Interestingly, the letter was written by a staffer of Schakowsky's named Waverly Gordon who's so appalling ignorant of the issues at hand, he makes the false statement that only two autistics are on the IACC.  When in fact three people alleging to be on the spectrum (Noah Britton, John Robison, and Scott Robertson) currently serve on the public membership of the IACC.  All three of these people are pro-neurodiversity and anti-cure and so far zero anti-neurodiversity pro-cure autistics have been appointed to the public membership.  Waverly also stated that no members of self-advocacy organizations served, though Robertson is one of the executive directors of ASAN. 

I'd like to answer Ne'eman's question Will your member of congress support autistic people.  The answer is no.  Since they are no longer combating autism, they don't give a shit about us and how much we are suffering and how much autism needs to be combated and a cure found at some point in time.  At least 99.9% of people with autism will never be lawyers, college professors, Ph.D. candidates in computer science or young kids with influential parents who can start a 501(c) organization and pay themselves a $65,000 a year salary.  Congress does not care about real autistic people (or at least autistic people who are afflicted by their disability, unlike most members of ASAN), so the answer to the question is no.  

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Kelly Stapleton pleads guilty to attempted murder

I've just read that Kelly Stapleton who attempted to kill her autistic daughter has pleaded guilty to the crime.  I hope this makes Neurodiversity happy.  But I guess nothing short of Ms. Stapleton's execution would please them.  Nearly a year ago I wrote a blog post where I discussed this sad case and Ari Ne'eman's reaction to it.  Ms. Stapleton had initially contemplated entering an insanity plea, but I guess she either didn't want to drag her family through the ordeal or she realized she had no chance of having it fly.  I find it ironic that an organization like ASAN comprised of at least one lawyer, at least one college professor, and graduate students alleging to be on the autistic spectrum and don't seem to do anything to help lower functioning autistics such as Ms. Stapleton's daughter would take such an interest in the case.  Before the media made much of the Stapleton affair last year, Ari Ne'eman and his ilk neglected to comment on the quality of life of nonverbal, violent persons on the spectrum who are at the polar opposite of Meg Evans, Melanie Yergeau, and computer science Ph.D. candidate Scott Robertson.  To the best of my knowledge, they never proposed any solutions to the problems of individuals such as Izzy Stapleton, but only stating that a cure for individuals such as these would be tantamount to eugenics.  

Ne'eman seemed skeptical that the justice system would do their job.  I realize it is premature to say whether this is the case or not as the woman has not yet been sentenced and we don't know what her punishment, if any, will be.  Apparently, she was prosecuted and had no legitimate defense other than alleged insanity which she chose not to invoke.  So apparently Ne'eman's allegation that the media were claiming that it is okay for parents to kill their autistic children didn't stop Ms. Stapleton's being charged with a crime.  

I still wonder why an organization such as ASAN which as of 2011 had 501(c) status can't work to solicit donations so that services exist which may have prevented this tragedy from happening.  This is not to condone what Ms. Stapleton did, but there are still a lot of things I don't understand.