Sunday, May 31, 2009

Phil Gluyas gives and receives an award

I see that Phil Gluyas one of my favorite members of the neurodiversity movement and author of the blog Mitchell's Gadfly, which is just a nonstop abuse fest of yours truly has given me an award as one of the three most horrible autistic spectrum persons of 2009. He also gives an award to Jake Crosby and one to someone named Joe Skipsey whom I have never heard of.

He also has other categories, most horrible autistic parent, most horrible autistic medical professional. He also has an award for great autism spectrum person and great autism spectrum parent and great medical professional.

I am particularly intrigued by his three choices for best parents of autistic children. His first choice Kevin Leitch is very interesting. This is a man who has a nonverbal autistic child and says that if there were a cure for autism, he would cure her only if she asked him to. Otherwise he would not accept a cure for her. Now, I wonder how is an autistic child who can't speak going to ask someone for a cure? David Andrews is another one who got an award. This is a man who had a child, got divorced and does not even live with his child. Also, this is someone who does nothing but use the most profane language imaginable when someone on the internet he does not like or does not agree with tries to engage him in dialogue. He also calls people abusive names in addition to abusive language. He has taken the cheapest shots at the disability of yours truly imaginable. One can only wonder what sort of a father a man who behaves in such a manner can be. He has also given the third award to Kristina Chew. A woman who has said on national television that she would not cure her son of his autism if a cure were available. Yet this same woman insists on asking the taxpayers for as much money as she can for her son as a direct result of the condition that she would refuse to cure him of. Also she asks for the best services possible under the IDEA law which she is not entitled to according to the u.s. supreme court's decision in the Rowley case. Ms. Chew hurts her own cause by publicly blogging saying she should get the best services. This is something her local school district could use against her in legal proceedings. If her son is not getting the services that she feels he needs and she desires for him perhaps she can only blame herself. Also, Ms. Chew gives her son dangerous psychiatric medications. She says that his autism is just fine but apparently wants to put him in a medication straight jacket due to these behaviors. Also psychiatric medications can be quite harmful and cause tardive dyskinesia so these drugs may cause permanent damage to her son as an adult.

One of his choices for the greatest autistic person is Albert Einstein, someone who clearly was not autistic. I have written an essay disputing what Gluyas and other people say about Einstein's autism.

Phil says that he won't give himself an award so I would like to return the favor and give him an award. Actually this will be the second award that I have given Gluyas since he has already been given the award of being the first person who has been banned from commenting on autism's gadfly. That is quite an honor as I have to be pushed pretty hard to actually ban someone from commenting here. There is only one other person that I have completely banned from posting comments here other than Gluyas.

I would like to give Phil a second award. I give him the award of being the most helpful person to the cause of crusading against neurodiversity and showing the whole world why we don't need no stinkin' neurodiversity. Phil's obnoxious behavior, insults and assinine remarks that he puts all over the internet are showing how ludicrous the whole neurodiversity movement is and are showing the whole world how much on the fringe this movement completely is. Gluyas helps make people who believe the world is flat seem sane by comparison. The fact that he is still a member of the autism hub in good standing makes the hub look bad and by virtue the entire neurodiversity movement look bad.

However, one suspects that no person could really be that idiotic in real life. I think it may all be an act. I suspect that Gluyas is really a pro-cure autistic who just wants to make the neurodiversity movement look bad. He couldn't be doing a better job. I am truly envious. Here I have an anti-ND blog and Phil is putting me to shame. Therefore I am proud to give Phil his well-deserved award of the person who is being most helpful at making the ND movement look bad.

Correction to the above post: I have been advised by Kevin Leitch that I was incorrect about his daughter's age, so I have deleted the part where I incorrectly state her age.


Stephanie said...

Congratulations! Someone has to be the best at being the worst!

Yes, Neurodiversity isn't looking too good right now, at least to me, as it isn't so, well, "diverse."

I really don't care about being rejected from the "Autism Hub," but since I was it proves to me that ND and the "Autism Hub" are completely run by politics and propaganda.

"The Autism Hub promotes diversity and human rights, with ethics and reality as core guiding principles; aspects include: empowerment/advocacy, acceptance, and a positive outlook."

I have all of these things, even "empowerment" (not advocacy though, as they are different) and yet I am not in the "Autism Hub." How strange!

It should be called, "If-you-don't-agree-with-us-100%-and-promote-our-agenda-than-we-will-reject-you" Hub.

M.J. said...

I followed the link you posted to the original web site and was treated to a message about the IP I am coming from being banned "as it has been used by a person or persons who represent a threat to the mental health of the owner of this website". I have never seen someone do that before and it is kinda funny - in a sad way.

Unknown said...


I hope you wear your award like a badge of honor. You and Jake Crosby have obviously rattled a few cages.

On the more serious side it is sad to see such childish antics being used to attack persons who do not share Mr. Gluyas's views.

As we used to say in the Jurassic Era .. or at least a long time ago .. keep on truckin'.

Marius Filip said...

Today I had one really good piece of laugh.

It was triggered by a post&comment coming from Harold&Stephanie concerning the relationship between Michelle Dawson and how autistics laugh.

Now I have my second piece of good, healthy laugh. Wonderful!

Gee, Jonathan&Stephanie! They say autistics cannot understand jokes!


But I know two autistics who can make fantastic jokes.

Bottom line: enjoy your award and keep up the good work!

John Best said...

Crazy Phil has banned my IP too. Did I win an award from the nutjob?

jonathan said...

Hi John: Yes, you were one of the three persons who was the worst parent of an autistic child, so Phil did not forget you.

jonathan said...

Hi, Kev, yes, I may have been thinking about when your child was 4 years old when I read a few years ago about how you would not cure her unless she asked you to when she was nonverbal. I don't think her age, now and then is as relevant as the fact that you would only seek a cure for a nonverbal child of yours unless you were asked by her and so far you have not denied doing that.

Jake Crosby said...

May I just say it is an honor and a privilege to receive the award of "Horrid Autistic Adult" from Phil Gluyas! It is yet another reassuring reminder that I am on the sane side of the fence, while the NDs are on the other side.

John Best said...

This is the second or third time I've won one of Phil's awards but I still want that idiot of the year award that has eluded me.

I had a brief exchange with Ari Ne'eman on this radio show last night:
Fast forward to around 42 minutes. He's going to be in Newsweek again next week.

Kent Adams said...

Jonathan, I made the list with you.

Anonymous said...

Despite many of the commenters on Dr. Chew's blog advising her to get an attorney for her son, she refused. It was clear to many that she either did not understand the law or just ignored it. She wrote that the school illegally restrained her son over and over again, were pretty abusive to him and did not follow his IEP or IDEA. Why, may I ask, is she considered knowledgable amongst these ND freaks? I think her case is a textbook of what not to do in order to obtain appropriate services.

Anonymous said...

He awarded Kristina Chew an award for being a good parent? This is the mom who still refuses to give her son an effective form of communication (as in a device), does not advocate for the school to give him any effective form of commmunication yet they restrain him at school when he is so frustrated from....what else...not being able to communicate! This mom is clueless when it comes to her son. She thinks daily walks and isolating him from nearly every experience is the answer. She may be a PhD but boy she really is uneducated when it comes to autism interventions.