Wednesday, May 27, 2009

why neurodiversity should not be heard by the IACC

I see that "Sullivan" one of the members of the left brain/right brain team is at it again. This time they are giving some reasons why the organization generation rescue should not be allowed to be on the IACC.

In the more pot calling the kettle black department autism's gadfly must post its reasons why it does not believe that Sullivan and other neurodiversitites have any business being heard by the IACC.

1) The combating autism act which the IACC grew out of was passed to prevent
and cure autism

Members of the neurodiversity movement have consistently opposed a cure for autism, claiming that a person can do just fine without a cure for autism, yet provide no empirical evidence of this whatsoever. There can be no way that an autistic person can ever function in society without problems unless they are completely cured. No palliative half-baked measures will solve this problem. There is the old saying that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure so if we could do research to prevent a child from becoming autistic in the first place that would be even better. ND's solutions of societal acceptance and accommodations just does not cut it in the real world. Ari Ne'eman and the ASAN have attempted to put their agenda before the IACC. This is in spite of the fact that while the combating autism act was passed, they and many other pro neurodiversity organizations protested this law before it was passed in congress and urged congress not to pass it. I believe it may be illegal for Ari and friends to present their agenda before the IACC. I have written to my congressman but have received no response. I phoned his office and was told they were preparing a response. I will write a blog post if I ever get a response.

2) They already have representation on the IACC

Autism conference superstar Stephen Shore with all of his autism activities spreads himself even more thin by serving as one of the public board members. Shore has consistently opposed a cure for autism in spite of the fact that this defeats the whole purpose of passage of the combating autism act.

3) Foreign nonAmerican taxpaying ND's are encouraged by the autism hub to write about the IACC

Kev Leitch has posted about the IACC on left brain/right brain though he lives in England and has likely never paid a dime in American taxes and the IACC plans on how to spend tax dollars. Petitions arguing for an ND agenda have been circulated by NDs. A number of persons signing the petition were foreigners who undoubtedly never paid any American taxes. I don't know if "Sullivan" is an American taxpayer or not, but he/she writes about this on a web page hosted by a UK ISP.

4) They are anti-science in terms of promoting science that will cure and prevent autism

ASAN has called on a moratorium on genetic research in autism until the question of whether or not autistic fetuses would be aborted or not. This is in spite of the fact that at least some ND's are pro-choice in terms of parents who do not use proper birth control aborting the fetus and never endorsing pro-life political candidacies of McCain-Palin and trying to outlaw abortion and trying to get the supreme court to overturn Roe vs. Wade. They seem to believe that a fetus conceived by improper birth control has less right to live than a fetus with Down's or autism. As one of my readers "Mayfly" put it very well, they value the child's disability over his/her humanity. They don't want any science done that will cure autism because of the unfounded and speculative statement that to eliminate the autism from a person is to kill the person or change them into a different person because that is who they are.

5) They are rude

They have called me Mitchell-shite, Joseph Goebels and have called autism scientists Nazis. They have insulted my mother just because I don't agree with their agenda. If they were allowed to sit on IACC seats or continued to be allowed to present before the IACC they would just be shouting at people, being abusive to them and try to detract from getting any real work done that would help cure and prevent autism. Which was the only purpose of the IACC since it grew out of the combating autism act.

For these five reasons, I don't believe that members of the neurodiversity movement should be allowed to present any agenda before the IACC or have any say before the IACC whatsoever. If they are American citizens and taxpayers they do have a right to try to repeal the CAA and to lobby congress for efforts to promote their agenda, but not through the CAA or by extension the IACC.

Of course this is aside from the point of the utility of the combating autism act. Government programs such as the war on cancer that was a product of the Nixon administration so long ago have probably not done a whole lot to end cancer and we still have people who die from cancer every year. It would seem that the IACC will probably not accomplish anything for autistic people. Hopefully Autism speaks and the autism science foundation can provide funding for good research that will in some point in time cure and prevent autism. I certainly hope so.


Unknown said...

You are probably right Jonathan.

On the other hand the more involved the anti-autism cure ND ideologues are in organizations working to understand causes of, and discover possible cures for, autism disorders, the more the public will see them for what they are ...... members of a loose coalition of internet ideologues who believe it is their right to oppose the rights of other autistic persons, in particular autistic children, to be cured of their autism disorders.

Marius Filip said...

It is really interesting how a person upholding Neurodiversity views can be in a committee which is an offshoot of Combating Autism Act.

Isn't this a suicidal attempt? (considering that they uphold that eliminating autism is akin to eliminating the people who bear it).

However, just by looking at Stephen Shore's website, one cannot deduce that Shore is upholding Neurodiversity and anti-cure views.

Stephanie said...

I tried to join the "Autism Hub."

I didn't even know what it was. I thought it was just a listing of autism sites; didn't even know it was ND "oriented."

I wanted to be on a listing geared toward autism and other severe disabilities so that I can get more traffic on my site because I plan to sell my art online one day and people with severe disabilities are a group I want to sell to.

So, I thought, the "Autism Hub" sounds like a good place. After all, I have autism.

So, I was rejected for not being "pro-neurodiversity." As in, I am not an "autism advocate."

They need to change their name to "Neurodiversity Hub" because it is NOT an "Autism Hub."

jonathan said...

I agree Stephanie. You are better off without having your blog listed on the hub even if it meant you could not sell your art work as easily. Hopefully at some point you will be able to sell your artwork online. I wish you the best in that regard.

I agree that the autism hub should change its name to something else. In addition to the neurodiversity hub as a possible name another one I sort of like is what John Best calls it, "The hub of insanity" John Best may read this comment and may offer still more possible names for it that might make me laugh.

Marius Filip said...


I believe you'll have better chances to sell your art through a portal which is art-oriented, not autism-oriented, even less ND-oriented.

I posted some comments on a web-site I reached through Autism Hub. A partner of discussion suggested that the host kicks me out of the comment area because of I dared to say autism is a bad thing. It felt like a religious cult.

Coming back to selling art through the internet, I don't know whether such a portal exists or not. I wish you luck, anyhow.

Stephanie said...

Plenty of art portals exist, but people with autism and other severe disabilities have a special place in my art and I wanted to give them preference.

Yes, I think I ask too many questions and point out too many things that don't make sense.

That's why my brother got kicked out of Catholic school as a child!

jonathan said...

The IACC was formed from the combating autism act which would decide how american taxdollars would be spent for research on money for the sole purporse of curing and preventing autism. If you are not in favor of curing and preventing autism and if you have never paid any american taxes what the IACC does is not any of your business. I am pretty sure you lose on both counts.

Neither you nor "sullivan" has called me any names as far as I can recall, true. However, you did create the autism hub, you hosted it at one time before you gave control of it to the Seidels and plenty of members of the hub have called me names and have been quite abusive to me so the point still stands.