Saturday, June 8, 2019

Yuval Levental's pursuit of knowledge

Early in my blogging and postings on usenet newsgroups in the earlier days of the internet, I was a figurative diamond in the rough- one of the few persons with an ASD to take on the ND movement.   Occasionally people would email me or write posts on my website's guest book that they were also autistic and had contempt for the neurodiversity movement and they were glad to see me writing about those issues.  However, none of these people wanted to join the fray and publicly criticize ND.

Also, about 15 years ago, I wrote an article questioning the autism dx of Bill Gates, Albert, Einstein and Thomas Jefferson promoted by the neurodiversity movement.  I got a fair amount of emails and comments, both pro and con about this article.

In recent years I've been gratified that more and more individuals with autism are now coming out and publicly criticizing neurodiversity.  One of these people is someone named Yuval Levental.

Some years ago, Yuval sent me an email stating that he'd read my piece about Gates and the others and because of my piece he was inspired to seek help for his autism.

Yuval is one of the few good people who have come out and criticized the neurodiversity movement debunking the mythology espoused by the ND's that all or most autistics don't want to be cured and are adherents to the neurodiversity party line.

Yuval has also been a devoted fan of mine, who worked to promote my novel, "the mu rhythm bluff".

He is someone who has expertise in the ins and outs of Wikipedia and has written multiple Wikipedia articles about me as well as others on our side.  He's also contributed to other Wiki articles about NDs and other related matters, helping us get out our side of the story.  When the ND thugs tried to get my page removed from Wikipedia and vandalized my page in retaliation for my unfavorable article in Spectator magazine, he worked tirelessly to stop it.

Saying that Yuval has been a most useful ally to our uphill cause is putting it mildly.

That's why I'm pleased to announced that Yuval  has recently published a book which serves as a collection of his writings on the subjects of neurodiversity and his pursuit of various treatments which he hoped would mitigate his autism. The title of the book is The Pursuit of Knowledge: My Unconventional Writings on Autism and Neurodiversity. 

Most of these writings are already available on Manuel Casanova's blog cortical chauvinism and elsewhere.  A few of them are novel.

Yuval has tried various treatments to help himself including plastic surgery, vitamin D and probiotics in the hopes that it would help his autism and other people's.  Though I'm skeptical how much these will help, I admire him for trying to experiment in ways to better himself.

Yuval sent me an advanced copy of his book which I've already read.

As of this writing, the book is only available in paperback and not in Kindle.  But Yuval tells me that he's going to release a kindle edition at the end of the week.

I plan to purchase the book when it comes out in kindle.  I hope other people will purchase this book which provides an interesting story on how Yuval pursued knowledge in neurodiversity, autism and on ways to help treat his problems.  


Anonymous said...

Many do wonder why Neurodiversity is being pushed so hard the way it is now, contradicting obvious science fact and basic observation, something a 7-year-old could work out if he sees a boy his age non-verbal biting his arm like he`s possessed.

Some say its to make way for transhumanism, basically a means to exploit vulnerable individuals in low skill / low pay tech jobs where they would have to interface with AI for long hours without complaining to much?. May explain why Soros is involved in sponsoring it.

Then again maybe just another Cultural Marxist group identity creation to further divide and rule society at large while the elites carry on making a killing and laughing at all of us?

Joseph said...

My autism got me obsessive, focusing on projects, yet a smart person without autism could have had a much better chance of success.

Anonymous said...

Joseph you are better at your project than anyone else because you are focused. A person without autism would not be able to do that.

Anonymous said...

In response to Mr. Anonymous at the top - BINGO! That's it exactly.
I also had often wondered why there is such a strident and inflexible push by these hard-core ND advocates for the acceptance of a condition that has NO discernable benefits for anyone, and I could only come to the conclusion that most of these (very angry and intolerant) people either don't even have autism or Asperger's Syndrome (so they have no idea how horrible those conditions are), or they're nothing more than "self-diagnosed" narcissistic sociopaths who enjoy the limelight and the thrill they receive from bullying others online.

Signed: Someone who wants to be cured!