Sunday, January 21, 2018

letter to congress person/senators regarding IACC and Sam Crane's unprofessional behavior

I've written the following to my congressperson and senators:

I’m an individual with an autism spectrum disorder that wishes to bring to your attention, problems with governmental autism policy, specifically with the Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee.  This committee conducts policy recommendations for the federal government.  The CARES act mandates that at least two individuals purporting to be on the autism spectrum are appointed as public members.  So far, seven individuals who are opposed to curing and treating autism have been appointed, who believe in a philosophy called neurodiversity which purports that autism is not a medical condition, but an alternative form of brain wiring.  Zero pro-cure, anti-neurodiversity autistics have been appointed as public committee members, though two have been nominated and turned down.  I think this is totally unfair and it is not within the spirit of the law as the CARES act states that the viewpoints of committee members should be fair and balanced. 

Furthermore, the two current autistic committee members, John Elder Robison, and Samantha Crane are very functional people who appear to have no overt disability.  In fact, John Elder Robison has stated he has no disability.  Samantha Crane is a very successful Harvard trained attorney. 

Apparently, a person who purports to be autistic who wants to serve on this committee only has to self-identify and not provide any proof of a professionally obtained diagnosis.  I asked them about this on social media and John Robison claimed that I was insulting him.  Samantha Crane stated that there was no reason she should have prove her autism and made the false statement that she was not appointed to the committee because of her autism.  Though Ms. Crane said she’d release her medical records to the IACC upon request, but not to the general public.

I write you this letter, urging you to introduce legislation to amend the CARES act to require public members of the IACC with an alleged autism diagnosis produce proof of professional diagnosis to the committee and the general public, and explain to the stakeholders in the autism community how autism has impacted their life and disabled them.   

I wrote to the IACC via their invited public commentary that I felt the autistic public members should provide proof of a professional diagnosis and explain how in spite of their apparent functionality, how autism is impacted their life and how they are the least bit similar to the 99.9% of autistic individuals they serve and state they represent.

Afterwards, Ms. Crane, on social media, made the false statement that I was “told to mind my own business” and that “I was harassing the Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee” for writing polite and invited public commentary that she did not happen to agree with. 

I don’t believe that people who are stakeholders in the interest of a public committee should be spoken to this way, on social media, or anywhere else.  I’m hoping you can write the acting Secretary of HHS, and the Director of the National Institute of Mental Health and deal with Ms. Crane’s absolutely unprofessional behavior.  I also feel the house and the senate should investigate the IACC and how the Department of Health and Human Services is vetting public members of the Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee and also introduce legislation to change the law, requiring autistic committee members to provide proof of a professional diagnosis and explain to stakeholders how their autism handicaps them.  Your help in this matter is appreciated

Jonathan Mitchell
Here's Ms. Crane's tweet:

For those who feel as I do, I urge you to write the congress, the department of HHS and the president, and send comments to the IACC about this and maybe we can do something about this.


Anonymous said...

I see that you have political tension with your anti-neurodivergent views & neurodiversity Mr. Mitchell, I think neurodiversity

is controlled opposition because it's leading special needs people to do nothing about their disability. This dangerous

philosophy of false teachings created by the Pharmaceuticals very likely is indoctrinating these people into believing that

autism is classified as an identity of some sort, but in all reality that has no scientific basis. Neurodiversity is an

ideology, not a "movement" from my point of view. I say political because pro-acceptance benefits the interests of

corporations and politicians. When you accept Autism, you giving them your consent to rob your health & enslave your mind.

That's why I'm not in favor of neurodiversity, there not letting people on the spectrum to think for themselves by selling fear

about Humanity not surviving and being boring after Autism is extinct at some point in the future as well as subjugating anyone

who's against their views. If a person refuses to believe in their ideals their going to be persecuted. Guess what, the

neurodivergent narrative falls short with this historical fact. Modern humans were going strong doing their job to flourish for

over 200,000 years, long before Autism became prevalent in our current society we know today. That shows proof that Humans

don't need disabilities to survive. Sure there was some people in human history suspected of having a disability but most

people didn't have that plus it wasn't widespread in the past than it is now. Since you want to be cured from Autism. I found a

solution on Youtube that can help you out. It has scientific backing as well. Royal Rife was a scientist and doctor that

discovered that he can destroy cancer cells by using frequencies to cure patients from this terrible condition. You can look

him up online if your interested. Also in my opinion, writing petitions to the US Government to end all problems Autism causes

won't get people anywhere. The petitioning game is rigged against them in favor of pharmaceutical interests to poison special

needs people with placebo prescription drugs that control their disabilities symptoms, making tons of dollars off of their


Clark said...

I am very impressed with you. I believe all people should be treated with respect and dignity. But we also need to recognize that some people have illnesses (such as autism) and they would be better off if those illnesses could be cured. We should not romanticize autism. At the same time, we should not stigmatize it.

Keep doing your thing.

Alistair Didinal said...

How about we teach that it's OK to be autistic ...and that everything we do doesn't have have to mirror your way?

I show respect and love differently. And different is OK.

jonathan said...

That's what I tell the NDs. Don't want a cure, don't get one, don't think everyone has to mirror the way you are though, and we can believe that autism is a devastation and hell on earth, so if you want to believe your autism or your relaive's (if you or a relative are indeed autistic) is okay, then fine, believe it, but don't harass or inflict your belief on us.

Autism Investigated said...

She needs to be parodied at every opportunity...

jonathan said...

Well don't know about that, though I believe in keeping it nicer than calling her 'babe' and doing other questionable things. I will try to be civil and restrained in my criticism of her, but I believe she and others in the autism world, who do and say questionable things should be taken to task, but the IACC obviously likes her so nothing I can do probably

Autism Investigated said...

She went there.