Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Amy Lutz Provides Neurodiversity Proponents Opportunity to put up or shut up but will they accept the challenge

I've just finished reading an interesting piece by writer Amy S.F. Lutz, the parent of an autistic boy with an intellectual disability.  She challenges the mantra 'presume competence' that is repeatedly uttered by neurodiversity proponents in their zeal to claim that acceptance and accommodations will resolve all of the problems autistic individuals have, no matter how severe their disability is.

Ms. Lutz writes about a woman who claims that parents signing guardianship papers for their severely disabled adult is an abuse of human rights and tantamount to slavery.  She invited the neurodiversity proponent, Theresa Degener, to come to her home and probe her son's (IQ of 40) feelings about what his take on guardianship is and if it is violating his human rights.

Current ASAN president Julia Bascom answers the comment of parents who state that if they could blog as well as she could they'd consider their child cured.  Ms. Bascom inquires if they had ever taught their severely disabled child to write a blog post or given them the correct tools and accommodations to do so.  She seems to believe that any given child, no matter how gravely disabled, regardless of no matter how nonverbal or severely retarded they are is capable of writing a blog post the way she does.  The only reason they can't is because their parents presumed incompetence and failed them.  Ms. Lutz has invited Ms. Bascom to come to her home and work with her son and teach him to write a blog post.  To the best of my knowledge, no member of neurodiversity has done so.  They have only produced a phony baloney PSA video with a nonverbal autistic girl as a cartoon character. showing her typing on a computer with all ten figures, as fluent in language as any non-autistic person, expressing her dislike of autism speaks.  I echo Ms. Lutz's sentiments that if the ND's really have some method for training and accommodating a low functioning nonverbal autistic person that they should stop being so selfish and share it with her and the rest of the parents.  I wonder if Ms. Bascom has accepted her invitation and if no why not?

The most interesting example of all was of the ubiquitous John Elder Robison  who wrote a piece in response to parents who he claims are not presuming competence in their very severely handicapped children.  At an IACC meeting Ms. Lutz asked about housing options for her severely autistic son.  Showing his typical insensitivity and ignorance of the problems of severely autistic individuals he asked Ms. Lutz why her son could not choose where he lives.  In a ROFL example, Robison stated that his dogs are perfectly capable of choosing where they live.  They just roll on the floor and sleep where they want.  Somehow trying to find a group home does not seem to be the same thing as a dog just sleeping where he wants on the floor of a house he already lives in.  Likewise, Ms. Lutz extended an invitation to JER to visit her home and meet her son and ask him where he wants to live.  I wonder if JER has accepted her invitation and if the answer is no, Why not?

I admire Ms. Lutz for her polite responses and her polite challenges to neurodiversity proponents to do something which she knows they are not likely capable of doing.

However, unlike Lutz, I'm autistic, have worse social skills, and am probably older than she is and certainly grumpier, so I'm going to be more blunt.  Theresa Degener, Julia Bascom and John Elder Robison, if you truly believe all these things, then I suggest you put up or shut up.  If Ms. Degener can get inside the mind of an individual with an IQ of 40 and ask him about guardianship, if Julia Bascom can teach him to write a blog post the way she does, and if Robison can have discourse with her son about where he chooses to live, then all the power to them.  If not, I suggest they shut up and abandon this farcical crusade known as neurodiversity.     


spinoff said...

Very good of Mrs Lutz and very good oj you Johnatham. Some of the neurodiversity position are not just arbitrary but are used manipulatively to exclude and justify human rights abuses.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that Neurodiversity Movement is getting insaner each passing day. So scary that some of them ever held government position or played important role on Autism Speaks (not that I am a fan of it). Even JER, who's supposed to be the saner one doesn't seem to be in his right mind.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jon -

I do agree that autistic individuals are often more aware and more intelligent than the IQ tests can show. However, I think the neurodiversity movement could do more to support parents of severely autistic kids, rather than just criticizing those parents.

I know that my son, who is profoundly affected by autism, would love a friend to go out and do things with. Everyone who is in his life is either family, or paid to be a part of his life. We have tried to find a community for him. However, in gatherings for autistic individuals, he has been ignored by those who are higher functioning. It is so sad that he seems shut out by the very community that purports to speak for him.

Seeing Clearly said...

The hypocrisy of the Neurodiversity movement is the real cancer, we must eradicate, the Neurodiversity movement claims to acknowledge all the colors of the rainbow as no less of a color as the other colors by that I mean we are no less human for the way we look or our personalities and for the way we like to dress or foods we like to eat or some other little detail about us that makes us human.
Now let's talk about the hypocris and omission y of the Neurodiversity movement , they claim to support Neurodiversity yet they are ok with their brains being labled adhd or ocd or autism disorder by a stigmatizing and intolerant society and medical system as reported by a mental health watchdog organization, the Neurodiversity movement also thinks its ok to not only admit they have a disorder and then saying disorders are not abad thing because its their neurology but also think its ok to get high on prescription drugs basically defeating the purpose of the Neurodiversity narrative as they themselves are basically taking drugs in the name of treatment to suppress their neurology as they call it.
They want accommodations for their disability and suppression of their symptoms or as they say their neurology, however, why not just accept a cure total hypocrisy they claim to fight the stigma while creating the stigma by saying that autism is not a real problem to worry about its normal its an identity since when did I go to the doctors and told them this is who I am can I please have my identity ok here you go now your autistic is this what autism is about is this how it works?

The real hidden agenda is not to normalize different brains its to normalize disorder and disabilities and diseases its not about tolerating and accepting healthy different brains its about stigmatizing them and then accepting the stigma they were given its made to destroy who you are as a spiritual person, this is totally in favor and part of the satans plan in his rebellion against god.

The motivation behind the autism acceptance movement is pride and greed and other darker motives this movement needs to be criticized for its evil.

I would probably support the Neurodiversity movement if it was about curing people from illness and accepting peoples personalities without labeling them a physiatric disorder and then embracing the label and robbing the person if his humanity now he is what you say he is and he surrenders to his stigma.

Seeing Clearly said...

Yes, it's very concerning that people who are pro-disability and pro-disease acutely hold government positions and have power and authority.

Remember that you have rights
Your god given rights are
Free speech
Freedom to be left alone and not touched
The right to refuse being labeled
The right to advocate for your needs according to your will, even if it's insulting for other autistic people for you to possess a cure if that's what you need and you can justify that need you have every right to seek a cure.
If you're in America you have constitutional rights which we all deserve to have this doesn't mean there is a potential to abuse your rights, but instead we should use them for the greater good and criticize those who do otherwise.

You have every right to identify as non autistic if you think autism is not a legitimate diagnosis and that you're not acutely ill and you are totally allowed to be pro-active and challenge the DSM and the people who stigmatize you as autistic because they bought the lie fed by the criminal medical stigmatzers. stop the real stigma and corruption not the fake loony toons one we are told to fight.

Seeing Clearly said...

An insult I was given by a hypocrite backwards twisted ungodly individual
Wow what should I say

I am genuinely curious. Does your Autism Speaks For Normie Assholes script include rejoinders for everything an actual autistic person might say to you?

You have not addressed a single thing I have said to you. You claim to be autistic and that you want to be cured. I have told you, flat out, that I do not believe you. I have told you, and I think very politely under the circumstances, that I think you are faking at the behest of curebies, trying to make it look like every autistic person wants a cure and those who quite vociferously say otherwise are somehow deluded or wrong or not worth paying attention to.

You have not addressed my accusation, which leads me to believe you either do not understand it or you are frightened by the idea that someone might have your number.

So here it is again, so everyone who can read properly can see this. I do not believe your attempts to claim that you are autistic. And if by some miracle you produced pieces of paper saying that you are autistic, I would simply regard you as what I might call a neurotraitor, a collaborator. Someone who should be beheaded along with the curebies.

At no point did I say I want a "safe space". I said that autistic people have a right to be safe from very likely poseurs/fakes or likely collaborators like you. That autistic people have the right to keep themselves safe from poseurs, fakes, or collaborators like you, with violence if you, YOU, make that necessary.

And just in case it was not clear the first few times, I am dead convinced that you are a fake. I look forward to you babbling on with normie nonsense trying to claim you have disproved my accusation when you have not even addressed it.

Thats his words 100% his no modifications made to his reply to me as he was insulted because I wanted a cure and was criticizing the anti-cure and judging them by their arrogant prideful motives and omission and unrighteousness in general.

Seeing Clearly said...

The notion and idea being implemented by the disability community, including the hypocritical autistic and Neurodiversity community is that you don't deed to be able to do things if the things can be done for you instead by that they mean and I explain is that all you need is accommodations and lower expectations, you don't need to get cured or change in any way who you are just make your disability your identity and enjoy a big load of accommodations and live happy with your disability. They see changing or getting cured as bad because you no longer have a disability be your identity to build pride off of and you're also not depending on anyone or anything and that's bad for the pharmaceutical industry and schools because they get paid for you being disabled and you get robbed of life by your disability trapping you like a bubble making everyone else more responsible for you instead of yourself. I don't care how religious you are this is just satanic stuff this anti-cure stuff very corrupt and satanic very cancerous.