Friday, March 3, 2017

My Oeuvre (if anyone gives a shit)

Though I made attempts at writing some novels as a teenager, I never completed one until my forties  In my thirties I wrote some nonfiction articles and 16 short stories before I wrote my first novel.  The non-fiction is  in chronologic order.  The novels are in chronologic order from first to last.  The short stories are in  approximate chronologic order.  I thought I'd post my works, at least the titles,  My second novel, The Mu Rhythm Bluff, is self-published on amazon.  Some of these short stories and non-fiction articles are published on my stories website and I've indicated which ones.  (both self-published and non-published) Not all of these are published.  Here it is in case anyone is interested:

1. Neurodiversity just say No
2. Undiagnosing Gates Einstein and Jefferson
3. Autism Genetics is my suffering Necessary to Society
4. The Invisible Autistic Adult
5. Autism and Thimerosal is there really a correlation
6. A reason to Locate Autism's Hidden Horde
7. Lovaas and Social Security office a bitter irony
8. My experiences as Eric Courchesne's Research Subject
9. Bullying and Asperger's, some needed changes to the DSM
The above are self published on
10. Crying For Toasted Snow unpublished nonfiction book)

11. Still Waiting (article in los angeles magazine)
12. Neurotripes the other side of the neurodiversity story(unpublished book still in progress)
13. Over 400 blog posts on autism's gadfly
Short Stories
1. The Session
2. Mr. Twiddle (on stories website)
3. Ornithophobia (on stories website)
4. The Reunion (on stories website)
5. Blot (on Stories website)
6. Calculated Risk (on stories website)
7. A Chance Meeting (on stories website)
8. I Have No Money
9. Monica Maybe (on website)
10. Questionmark Etiology (on Website)
11. The Experiment (on webiste)
12. I Bet that Tastes Good (On website)
13. Guess Who isn't Coming for Lunch (On Website)
14. The Conversion (On website)
15. The Phallic Forks (On website)
16. Love Long Forgotten (On Website)
17. Dog Bites man short story version (On website)
18. The Ambition
19. The Gimmick
20. Paint The Name on the School
21. Hush Little Autie
22. The Scatologist
23. No limit Texas Fuck 'em
24. The Psychic Facilitator
25. The Voice of Experience

1. The School of Hard Knocks
2. The Mu Rhythm Bluff (available for purchase on amazon)
3. Going Through the Doors
4. Dog Bites Man novel length version short story on website.
If these have been selfpublished in any form I have indicated where the interested person can read them. These are in approximate chronologic order (by category) of when I wrote them. Shameless plug I know

The Website of Author Jonathan Mitchell


Seeing Clearly said...

What is autism

It's a
"Diagnosis made from the DSM-5<What's the DSM-5 it's a made up book of disorders based on judgement and criticism and not science or fact and is used to stigmatize people for example ADHD is a stigma for kids who have lots of energy and thus don't pay attention in school .

Is autism or any disability a "beautiful thing" as the ASAN and Yo disabled and proud tell us ?

No it's not any more beautiful to have any disability than it is to have to ware glasses or hearing aids yes the person with the disability may be beautiful but there disability is not and that brings us to this topic is disability part of who you are?

The answer is both yes and no yes as in your disabled no as in it's not something you want to have or should have or is morally correct to identify as who you are or to have and accept so in conclusion no disability is not part of who you are just like your glasses or hearing aids are not part of who you are just like being poor and living in poverty is not part of who you are so no .

What if I wasn't to be autism and I love my autism Should society accept me?

This is why we have boarders so that we can avoid living with people who are anti what we are pro and they are pro at we are anti for example I am pro-cure I don't find myself getting along with people who are not like me does that mean I am wrong to be pro-cure no it means that non of the anti-cure accept the fact that there disability is a bad thing they don't want the truth and I am not going to open myself up to there lies either I want to believe in the absolute truth I don't endorse alternative views and realities I want a leveled plane field and disability pride is not going to provide that.

Am I open to autism being a good thing the answer is how is it a good thing I don't choose to have it I don't have the right to get rid of it I don't see it impacting my life in a positive way I can feel how much of a burden it is I don't believe autism is biblical I believe it's a disease to get rid of and also lost of fire and flames of controversy autism has caused when in reality autism should not even be a diagnosis let alone exist so unless my goal in life where to be an anti-Christ leftist backwards delusional regressive (they call themselves progressive) then autism will be a good thing for me but I am not like that and I don't believe that way I am not a leftist social justice warrior or anything like that I don't even support gay marriage let alone Neurodiversity and autism acceptance which are even worse that gay marriage in my opinion I mean transgender and Transablism and transracial and all the trans that there are I mean this is insane I think it is at least so thank you for your service as a blogger exposing the Neurodivergent shills that are overthrowing reality and morality I don't know if I will ever get a job or be able to hold a job I mean you can only do so much when your disabled that only welfair can sustain you because your useless in your disability.

Anonymous said...

Seeing Clearly, there are no shortage of pro-autism right-wing anti-social-justice people out there who use their self-diagnosed autism as an excuse for them to promote rigid rules that hurt women and minorities more than white men.

In fact, often the very same people accused of being "social justice warriors" are also accused of being "ableist" by people excusing sexual and racial harassment in the name of the harassers supposedly having autism.

Anti-social and anti-social justice sure go together, after all.