Monday, March 16, 2015

Autism daily newscast publishes Gadfly

Here's an article I wrote  about neurodiversity for the autism daily newscast.

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Anonymous said...


Autism sucks for me because of my mixed receptive-expressive language disorder. I feel like there's nothing to do on a daily basis. I don't know how to manage my time without procrastinating. Being given advice such as creating a schedule is like telling me to create an outline for a school essay where my final draft is nothing like my outline or draft where I could just easily edit the paper as I'm doing the work. I could easily organize my sentences and paragraphs from my computer easier than I can verbalize. What kind of fucking advice is that?
Even watching certain movies are hard for me to follow and I have difficulty concentrating on them. If I'm searching on the menu guide on the TV for a certain show or movie to watch, I'll end up selecting the same kind of stuff instead of trying to watch something different for a change. It's hard for me to expand my mind with new knowledge and try new things.

I process information slowly and over-think. Sometimes my thoughts are disorganized. It's hard for me to easily say whatever I want on a consistent basis in everyday conversation. I struggle following directions and holding a bunch of information at once. Social-communication and pragmatic therapy is a joke for individuals like me. I'll never get a prestigious job or do as well as I could be doing in my everyday life. I was limited in what I could major in when I was in college. I don't even know if I could get a master's. If it wasn't for the disability services in university/college where I received accommodations, I wouldn't have a degree.

I'm pretty much a boring, weird, quiet person who'll never feel secure. I feel stressed all the time thinking about how I'm doing coming along in each situation with every aspect of my communication. If I'm reading something for pleasure, it's likely stuff related to American football, and when it's time to converse with people about my favorite team, it's not like I'll be able to express everything I read for pleasure anyway. How about I apply myself to do other things so I could socialize about that stuff? Why don't the speech therapists understand that? If I try to be flexible in all sorts of areas and don't focus so much on one or two things, I won't have the memory to express my thoughts based on my experiences.
Why would you want to be "wired" so you're only able to focus on one, two, or maybe three things?