Friday, February 27, 2015

New Radio interview

Here's a link to a radio show I was on.  Ari Ne'eman and Sue Rubin were on also.  Corine Becker and Harold Doherty were more minor guests. Apparently I was interviewed before Ne'eman so he got to comment on what I said rather than vice-versa.  In that sense, the show may not have been completely balanced.  It's interesting that Ari Ne'eman hopes that neurodiversity will give me an opportunity to achieve what I want in life when I'm more than twice his age and even if there were a cure or ND were something real and not a bunch of baloney, a man nearly 60 wouldn't be able to go back in time and be able to do well in college, get a meaningful career, have meaningful social relationships and all the other stuff I missed out on when I was younger.  Well guess I won't comment further. here's the link if anyone is interested in listening: radio interview

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