Wednesday, October 22, 2014

American Psychological Association gives John Elder Robison and neurodiversity the seal of approval

Neurodiversity has gained acceptance in a variety of places.  Autism Speaks has funded rogue researchers Laurent Mottron and Isabelle Souleries.  Ari Ne'eman, John Elder Robison, Noah Britton, and other members of this deranged cult have been appointed to government posts.  Alex Plank was a keynote speaker at an Autism Society of America Conference.  The ASA also endorsed Ari Ne'eman's appointment to the NCD.  As can be seen on John Robison's twitter account, another organization has given them the seal of approval:

As can be seen by this tweet, the american psychological association has encouraged this inane philosophy that states that autism is not a disorder or disease (or even a disability according to some proponents) but an alternative form of brain wiring which can be completely or largely resolved with  accommodations.  What is even more bizarre is that a course taught by a high school dropout (at least as one of the teachers) is approved for continuing ed credit if you want to remain a licensed clinical psychologist.

I can't believe how outrageous this is.  To me the term "neurodiversity" is just as offensive as the term "retard" is.  It is a slap in the face to people on the spectrum and their loved ones who really suffer from this disability, unlike Robison who has stated that in spite of having an autism/asperger's diagnosis he has no disability of any kind. I hope that at some point the day will come where others are just as offended by this term as I am and the ND movement is censured by the government and organizations that should be trying to do things to help autistic people rather than trivializing it and insulting those of us who suffer from this affliction. I hope that at some point when people hear this foul word, they will be just as offended as hearing "retard" or the N word for a black person or the F word for a gay person.   


w ford said...

I agree i have high functioninf autism and it is not fun plus other diseases. what is wrong with psychologist these days.

spinoff said...

Thanks from Spain; it is a relief to rerad you from time to time.
I am a father and a professional now retired.

Unknown said...

Very disappointing. Not surprising but disappointing.

Anonymous said...

Due to a late life diagnosis I spent 20 years trying to find out what was wrong with me. I deliberately identified elements of what I struggled with (clear speech (used an eloqutionist), anxiety (medication remember to breathe!), +coping mechanisims etc) So as a result I can "masquerade" as a NT in certain circumstances - non social functional conversations are easier than "hows yer mother" type social conversations. AS i got older the stress of living a "masquerading" life caught up with me and I had a breakdown. Tho I was diagnosed in 2009, I was aware I was on the spectrum since 1998.