Wednesday, October 2, 2013

One good thing about the government shutdown.

Though Age of Autism has a lot of things to say I don't agree with, they've reported some interesting news Though i'm not happy about the government shutdown, it looks like some good will come out of it.  It looks like the government shutdown will cancel the next meeting of the IACC.  That's about the best news for autistic people i've heard in a long time.  Unfortunately, Matt Carey and John Robison will continue blogging and being representatives for autistic people.  Scott Robertson will still spend time with ASAN claiming that I and others should be crippled and sick.  Maybe Noah Britton can come up with a more interesting t-shirt design than his 'my body my choice' schtick and provide some sort of comedic act or behave in some outrageous way to bring some levity to the situation.

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Jake Crosby said...

The IACC meeting is cancelled, and it didn't even take a deadly hurricane to make that happen. All-in-all, this is good news.