Wednesday, January 9, 2013

four more years of Kathleen Sebelius?

According to this article in the Huff post Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius is going to stay on in the Obama administration for another four years. Does this mean the Interagency Autism Coordinating Commission will still be stacked with more neurodiversity individuals. I've already written about her choice of Ari Ne'eman, Scott Robertson and John Robison and Matthew Carey to serve on this body.  Even worse was the appointment of hatemonger Noah Britton who has compared Autism Speaks to the Ku Klux Klan.  I've written about this sterling individual elsewhere.

I can only hope that in another four years when there is a new presidential administration whoever becomes president in the beginning of 2017 will appoint someone to HHS who is sane and rational and who, unlike Ms. Sebelius understands what a horrible disability autism is and how it needs to be cured and the above-mentioned people would only be laughed at if they dared to try to make autism policy suggestions to the federal government.  Hopefully whoever the secretary of HHS is would appoint people who will try their best to suggest policy that will lead to a cure of this horrible disability from which I suffer every day.

Why we need public members to make suggestions at taxpayer dollars and what these people have to offer to persons such as myself on the spectrum is beyond my comprehension.  Stephen Jobs did great things in his life, but he never served on a cancer advisory board.  We don't have people giving advice on how to create and administer antibiotics just because they or one of their loved ones has had an infection.  

Of course maybe even better than having an HHS secretary with a less cavalier attitude toward people such as myself that Ms. Sebelius has, we'll get a new congress and presidential administration who will do away with the IACC and it's public members.  Then hopefully maybe some real experts can come to the fore and find a way to mitigate or even cure this horrible disease. 


Roger Kulp said...

Do you get ASAN's email alerts? You really ought to.In the newest one,they are whining about how no "autistic" had no input in the recent USA Today articles about autism.The email implies Ne'eman and ASAN want to speak for all psychiatric disorders.It's quite a rant,I could forward it.

I get email from all sorts of groups,one was from the National Fragile X foundation.The link goes to this article.It seems Fragile X is no longer considered a cause of autism.I know this is a fairly recent development.I am seeing articles that say the same about Cerebral Folate Deficiency,my real diagnosis,and about mitochondrial disease.

We are coming to a time,where "autism" really will mean Asperger's,and nothing else.I suspect the DSM-VI will reflect this.I say let the Aspies have autism all to themselves,and we can work on curing our own real diseases that present as autism.

Do you have a family history of Alzheimer's or Parkinson's?There is another emerging genetic model of autism,without medical problems in these families.I could send you a link to one of the main researchers.

Johnathan,I know you have a lot of time on your hands now,have you either thought of starting your own organization to counter ASAN? Or maybe putting aside whatever differences you have with Autism Speaks,and working with them.

jonathan said...

nope, i don't get their email alerts. Not sure there's any point. Sounds like what they are talking about is nothing new. Same things they've been saying for years. Wish they'd come up with something new, then maybe i'd have another blog post.