Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My disability case: The end of the line

I heard from that second lawfirm I hoped would take my SSDI case to district court. They turned me down. This means that my nearly four and a half year pursuit of this matter is over. Though it is disappointing, it is somewhat of a relief not to have this issue hanging over my head anymore. I have not had autism's gadfly for even four years, which means this issue goes back to before this blog existed.

It is true that I did work with some success with my limitations. However, considering how tough I had it, I felt that I should have qualified for this help. As I have stated in previous posts, this was not a handout. I did put more than $40,000 into social security. I tried like hell for more than 27 years to avoid this fate. Because I had some success in getting a few licks in against this figurative 800 lb gorilla I am being punished (or at least that is part of the reason). The government believes that people like me should fend for ourselves. It would seem that effort is punished and decadence and sloth are rewarded. Even the idea that autism is an advantage in the workplace rather than a liability gets credence from the government who funds rogue scientist Morton Gernsbacher and autism speaks has funded her partner in crime Laurent Mottron in the past.

However, I take solace in the fact that even though I'm 56 years old my life is not over and it might not be too late to accomplish something. Maybe even a miracle will happen and I'll be able to make some money again. Previously,I wrote about my bad experiences with the state department of rehabilitation It was quite a long time ago, but I felt pretty hopeless in those days, but I was able to get out and find some work in spite of these mishaps.

So this issue finally comes to an end and I can get on with the next chapter of my life whatever that may be.

I'll just have to remember that you never know what is around the next corner.


Jake Crosby said...

Maybe you should write a book about your experiences Jonathan, not a novel, but a non-fiction autobiography about your experiences from childhood up to the present, being bullied in the schoolyard, being decriminated against at work, from SSDI and your lack of success at getting your novel published - all that.

I would read a book like that and I know others would, too. You definitely have a following of people who already find what you write on your blog interesting, including bestselling author John Robison and CAN cofounder Jon Shestack. I think it could be a real success!

SM69 said...

I'll second that opinion- a book on your life would be very interesting to many to read.

And yes, you never know what's around the corner, anything can change.... As long as one remains open for change to happen.

gabriela said...

So, you need to write a book with the experienced, that will impress many people!

Adrianna said...

I second Crosby's suggestion. I will be pleased to read it if it ever gets published.

I agree that sloth is rewarded and effort is punished, not just in SSI, but in other forms of assistance and in general. I know someone who faked a mental illness and is set for life.

How will you make it, if you don't mind my asking? Keeping you in my thoughts

A better future for all said...

Forgetting all disabilities altogether for a moment I have been wondering about some things.

What personality and temperament types are most likely to succeed in America today?

What personality and temperament types are least likely to succeed in America today?

If our free enterprise system is so good then why is it seem like this system is more and more falling apart? Why is our economy in such shambles?

If those who could not succeed in America today were completely to blame and extreme internal locust of control is correct should it not be possible for the advocates for self-responsbility to tell exactly in concrete and in specific terms what they did wrong step by step and why it was wrong, what the correct path is, and why this path is correct?

A better future for all said...


My point is If either of our sides wants to get what we need either way we have to challenge people's beliefs and values. For example, you have probably heard it is not your autism it's your attitude that is the problem. Maybe it is time to challenge the notion of positivity and positive attitude itself.

I believe even Lurker would agree with me on this. Isn't it time to obtain objective facts no matter where they lead? Society with its positive attitude mindset seems to say no. Here is another question I have. Why is it inappropriate in American society to have a negative attitude whatsoever? Why do people hate that so much? Jonathan, can you please think through the questions I have asked you.