Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Combating autism act reauthorization: Countdown to Armageddon

In another ten days, if the combating autism reauthorization act does not pass, the law will sunset and will no longer exist. This is it, folks, countdown to Armageddon.

If this act does not pass, the IACC will cease to exist and it's six public members won't have a platform to stand on. Lynn Redwood will no longer be able to pontificate at taxpayer expense that Mercury is the cause of autism and thimerosal is the most likely culprit. Never mind that study after study has refuted what she said. For another ten days, the government will still pay for her pontification as well as paying for the IOM's study and conclusions that there is not a snowball's chance in hell that mercury and thimerosal caused an autism epidemic. The state of California paid for Schecter's and Grether's study, showing no relationship between thimerosal and autism after this substance was phased out of vaccines. They could have read gadfly's controversial piece on the subject and saved the taxpayers of the u.s.a. and California some hard earned dough.

The law stated that one person on the spectrum must serve as a public member. Though the law stated that the objective was to ultimately cure autism, we have two anti-cure autistics, Stephen Shore and Ari Ne'eman who are barely affected by their autism, if at all. To date, no pro cure autistic has been appointed a public member of the IACC. In fact Ari Ne'eman is opposed to this act, yet serves on the governmental board this law authorized, what irony! Only ten more days to Armageddon. Ne'eman won't be able to recommend that autistics can be employed if only social pleasantry is eliminated as a criteria for hiring and evaluating people's job performances. In fact he might have more time on his hands and perhaps he can get his first paid job. For another ten days the government will also have to finance his lecturing an economist on the evils of committing eugenics by daring to come up with a cost analysis study showing the expense of autism to society, then we have the countdown to Armageddon. Ari will be able to publicly laugh, declaring victory, but privately crying boo hoo, that his power as a public member of the IACC that he so covets has been taken away from him.

It's coming down to the wire, the tension is building. Only ten more days, will congress pass this law or won't it? Will Barack Obama sign it? Perhaps he will ponder a veto once it comes across his desk. After all, how can Mr. Obama sign such legislation stating that he wants to combat autism in good conscience. After all, his administration has appointed an individual to two government posts relating to autism who has made it clear that he believes curing autism would be morally reprehensible. Of course, there is the alternative way of combating autism. Some of us can be strangled to death and turned into cat food, or alternatively we can be taken out, lined up against the wall and be shot. after all, this was a policy recommendation of one of mr. Ne'eman's most ardent supporters since Mr. Ne'eman has not repudiated the statement or this individual, Gadfly wonders if he feels this way or if Mr. Obama who appointed him to these posts does too. After all, in this same post, this individual stated that those of us who have autism and want a cure are only standing in the way of noble self-advocates because we are a bunch of welfare bums who won't look for work or take responsibility for our lives, so taking this recommendation would save the taxpayers money. it would take a two-thirds vote of both houses of congress to override an Obama veto in the event that it happened. Would this happen? If not, we have ten days countdown to Armageddon.

Whether or not this law is reauthorized, the status quo won't be changed in other aspects. John Robison, a high school dropout with no training or knowledge in autism and science, will still be able to review government grant proposals at taxpayer expense. Now the government has an autistic person who states he is a stakeholder though tacitly admitting he has no disability of any kind. Thanks to Robison's federal appointment, or whatever it is, we are no longer disenfranchised. Hallelujah! praise the lord!

Morton Gernsbacher, a woman who does not believe autism is a disease, will still get funding from the Center for Disease Control to carry out her research. She will be able to get this funding even though she trivializes a serious disability by claiming Richard Borcherds and Vernon Smith are autistic. I have dealt with the problems of Gernsbacher's argument elsewhere. My tax dollars will still go to this woman who writes essays with so many factual errors, rather than giving it to me in the form of disability that i have been trying to get for more than four years so i can buy a new car to replace my 16 year old Honda accord.

Well folks, ten more days until the countdown to possible Armageddon if this law is not renewed.

Addendum: Word is out from the autism society of america that the house has passed the combating autism act. I am not sure, but I think it has to be passed by the senate also, then signed into law by Obama in the next 9-10 days.

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Stephanie said...

Maybe the Gov. can take the money used for the IACC and instead use it to care for those individuals with profound Autism.

But this may just be wishful thinking on my part...