Friday, June 3, 2011

Interesting article about grand dame of neurodiversity

Here is a rather interesting piece about Kathleen Seidel, the grand dame of neurodiversity, and her obsession with now disgraced doctor son medical science team Mark and David Geier. Ms. Seidel is married to a man who finds humor in the fact that someone would mock and ridicule someone with a disability, when one of the more cruel neurodiversity hatemongers was harassing me and ridiculing my disability and engaging in unauthorized use of my photos on the internet. Mr. Kathleen Seidel was the one time administrator of web of hateful neurodiversity blogs called "the autism hub". In response to my email saying I did not believe he should link to blogs that made fun of disabled people and made unauthorized use of their photos, his response was to cc an email he wrote to this perpetrator with the words "very funny". I wish i had saved the email as normally I have reservations about publishing privately sent email. In this instance, I regret that this might be an exception to the rule. But you can take my word for it, Mr. Kathleen Seidel, did in fact find it amusing that someone would make fun of me and by extension all persons with developmental disabilities.

Mr. Kathleen Seidel, when I wrote a blog post in which I questioned the wisdom of his wife, (whom I thought at the time owned the autism hub) for allowing a post from hateful persons who compared parents who supported autism speaks and wanted a cure for their children to members of the Ku Klux Klan who are forced to raise black children, responded that his wife had no control over the hub. When I asked him to explain to me why the hub would link to a blog that posted something like this, he said that he did not care what I thought of blogs on the hub and he did not have to justify anything to me. Perhaps, Mr. Kathleen Seidel supports this sort of bigotry as possibly does his wife, as a husband and wife will usually (though admittedly not always) agree on matters such as this.

Though I don't have a high personal opinion of the Geiers and I don't agree with everything that is said in this article, it does make some valid points about Ms. Seidel and the ND movement and is worth reading.


DisabledBuddhistNun said...

I am working on writing an article about Neurodiversity and how they will include murders and pedophiles into their worldview. I am interested in the concept but it has many flaws: mainly, it excludes the profoundly disabled and murders, pedophiles and tge like.

Technically, murders, pedophiles and the like suffer from a psychiatric disorder, usually anti-social personality disorder. Can they not also be included in the Neurodiverse framework? One of the criteria for ASPD is no understanding of laws so those with ASPD who murder (the extreme cases) do not realize they have done anything wrong. Pedophilia is also a psychiatric disorder. Will these people be allowed to walk around free in society in the name of "Neurodiversity?" How can someone who believes in Neurodiversity not understand that murderers and pedophiles and the like suffer from psychiatric disorders? Just like the autistic may not understand how to make friends so, too, the ASPD (and similar) may not understand murder is wrong.

I understand Neurodiversity and how it can be quite helpful for the mildly disabled but let us stop pretending that it is a cure-all for the "disabled" and "different" in society.

Socrates said...


Investment Analyst John Best,.

He's an unemployed bum with a horse betting habit.

Having said that, in between the really bat shit crazy stuff, he touches brilliant with some of his writing. Aa hillbilly Hunter S. Thompson.

jonathan said...

@Socrates: Best tells me that he makes a profit from his horse racing wagers. As far as the name calling and personal attack, I will let this comment stand and I trust Mr. Best will use his rapier wit to respond to it if he wishes to do so.

I notice you don't engage in any name calling of Mr. and Mrs. Seidel, who apparently got you kicked off the hub when TNR was still a somewhat viable blog and apparently caused you some consternation. I wonder why that is.

Socrates said...

I don't have a problem with KS. Dave's a cunt thought.

John Best said...

Socrates, How many bottles of wine have you had today?

Socrates said...

John, these days I'm drinking as much as I can get my hands on. Ari Ne'eman's convinced our government that my disability is just a difference and so they're going to take all my social security and social care benefits away. Then I'm going to kill myself.

So, have a drink on me and we'll celebrate the Joy of Autism together.

John Best said...

Socrates, If it will help, I'll be happy to testify that you're mentally ill.