Friday, October 22, 2010

No comment, Ari, Michelle, Kev, Sullivan and Kim?

Nick Dubin's arrest for a pedophilia-related crime has generated a significant amount of buzz in some parts of the autism blogosphere as well as on various facebook pages of some persons with whom I am acquainted with, who, to the best of my knowledge, don't have blogger type blogs that they write.

I have been told repeatedly by various individuals who advocate a certain movement called "neurodiversity" that this movement is about dignity, respect and human rights for persons with autism (and perhaps other 'neurologic differences'). One Michelle Dawson is in the forefront of this. In fact, at the time, I first started writing autism's gadfly as well as my article 'neurodiversity just say no' that was the immediate predecessor and greatest influence of my decision to start this blog, Michelle Dawson has stated that because I was an opponent of neurodiversity this meant I was an opponent of human rights for autistic persons.

Ari Ne'eman and ASAN have stated that their autism advocacy is about civil and human rights for autistic persons. Yet they seem to devote most of their time demonstrating against Autism speaks or Ari Ne'eman making insulting and juvenile comments in his role as the newest public member of the IACC.

One of the leading neurodiversity blogs is the well-known left brain/right brain blog whose posts are authored by Kevin Leitch and another individual who calls themselves "Sullivan". This blog seems to devote nearly all of their posts to the question of whether or not vaccines and/or mercury cause autism, an issue that has been dealt upon ad nauseum, with neither side brooking any quarters in their beliefs.

Kim Wombles is an individual that writes the countering age of autism blog and seems to get some sort of bizarre humor posing as some elderly hick Appalachian woman as an alter ego in another blog she authors. In spite of claiming that she believes that persons should be treated with dignity and respect she has referred to Harold Doherty as "an asshat". She condescendingly referred to Jake Crosby as "the puppy" because of his youthful age. Last but not least, she was nice enough to give your humble blogger a plug on one of her facebook pages where she seemed to think it was funny that someone would make fun of me and my disability and also seems to have some sort of schaudenfreude as far as my disability and celibacy are concerned.

We now have evidence that it is quite probable that Dr. Dubin, a psychologist and educator who had regular contact with autistic children, is a pedophile. There is also a strong possibility that the reason Dr. Dubin chose his profession is that he was looking for children to molest and chose disabled ones as they are the most vulnerable, many of them not able to speak and report what happened to their parents or others or because of prejudice they would not have credibility making allegations against the good doctor.

Outside of the right not to be murdered, it would seem the right of disabled children not to be sexually molested would be about the most important of human rights that these august individuals would be crusading for. You would think that they would comment on this latest news story.

Reading Michelle Dawson's TMOB comment board on a regular basis as well as her blog posts, I see no comment by this crusader for human rights of autistic persons. ASAN is also strangely silent. Ari Ne'eman is not organizing some sort of protest against professionals who evidence suggests are pedophiles and trying to protect autistic children from them the way he does with autism speaks. Kevin Leitch, "Sullivan" and Kim Wombles seem to have no comment on the issue. I wonder why that is.


Anonymous said...

You have forgotten Jim Sinclair. Ask him why he was in MI recently. And keep asking until you have an answer. And then keep digging.

Socrates said...

Interesting Times (Too)...

May go some way to further this line of enquiry.

John Best said...

The liars you mentioned are probably afraid of getting caught and don't want to draw attention to themselves.

Anonymous said...

Its good to know that of all the places
(governmental and otherwise)
that Neurodiversity has lately been collecting in its back pocket,

that maybe at least (so far) the FBI isn't one of them

And so it certainly seems
when looking at quite a few individuals within Neurodiversity,

that there's certainly been more than enough cause to question

Here's hoping the FBI continues to take
a good long hard look

at every last one of them

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Amanda Baggs

who in the past actually has had quite a penchant for making claims and making threat

that she, Amanda, might actually sic various agencies on her various detractors

including the FBI

and as another who regularly champions and bemoaning every otherwise similar incident, every misfortune suffered by autistics, particularly the severely impacted and the children, as if each of these horrific events are nothing more than badges to be used in order to draw parallels to Neurodiversity as eternal victims

forever using the misfortunes of others in this way to stake their claim as "Autistic and therefor victimized"

(and the only time severely impacted autistic and their misfortunes can be mentioned as its the only time their existence serves Neurodiversity's purposes)

but, lo, on this matter,

Ms Baggs is also thus far very oddly quiet

For such a bunch of professional victims

where it now comes to these particular autistic children who were under this pedophile's care

Autistic, anxious, bullied and seeking assistance, only to be further victimized

This silence we hear now on this circumstance,

really is particularly...


Anonymous said...

Good. Now dig a little more. Then Dox all the protagonists.

Socrates said...

Anonymous. Not funny. Go make the Call. Any more and I'll set the Leatherman on you. (Not joking).

Anonymous said...

I think it should be pointed out that Not only did AspieWeb a Nerodiversity blog cover this but they also were the only to get a copy of the criminal complaint and then were threatened by Joe Mele when they published comments he made trying to justify the behaviors of this sick fuck.

lurker said...

I could have calmed down about Baggs if only some of the other scum would have stopped mentioning her anytime the subject of the low-functioning is brought up. I'm even surprised this filth goes that deep and sociopathic including them turning a blind eye to this.

I keep seeing new characters come along, fabricating some minor rut they get into late in their life alongside a diagnosis, and then with precarious claims describe themselves as being "disabled" and therefore as a member of a persecuted victim group, so you may not dare question them. I'm not sure what they're trying to prove, or what they think of these likely perverts who are being exposed, but they sure like to pervert many concepts.

I can't help but think of the kind of oblivious perceptions and attitudes I encounter when getting disability services from the government, and how that's related to the daft ideas coming from these freaks who are close to the government.

Socrates said...

Where's Anonymous: OCTOBER 23, 2010 9:15 AM gone?


Anonymous said...

looks like the Neurodversity tactic is in their not talking about this, apparently hoping in the process to "just make it go away"

while nobody in their right mind would ever condone the euthanasia/eugenics and/or sequestering away of Austics

unfortunately the same can't be said for Neurodiversity

and what do you know, just the right institutions already do exist and are going strong

-- they're called prisons

Kate said...

This comes as a horrible shock to me. I have Asperger's Syndrome and I suffer from bad anxiety attacks. My counsellor gave me a copy of Nick Dubin's book on anxiety and AS, which I have found very useful to date. I don't think I will be able to use it again without feeling upset and angry. I was very moved by the book on bullying as well, as he articulated so many of my own experiences. At first I hoped that this Dr Nicholas Dubin is not the same Nick Dubin who published those books, but a little research reveals that they are one and the same. :(

Kent A. said...

I say a pox on both their houses. The antivax movement has peaked,and is on the wrong side of the facts,but it's fun to mock and kick them on their way down.Which is why I read blogs like LBRB,and Kim Wombles' blog.If the ND movement ever comes around to openly recognizing that autism is more than Asperger's,and that there are complex genetic syndromes that can include autism as part of the picture,I can see myself supporting them,but not until that day.

ND will never recognize autism beyond AD because it busts the entire narrative. There are people with autism that need a cure and that is so antithetical to ND they won't be able to even acknowledge such autism types exists, otherwise, the entire narrative collapses.

Navi said...

Ummm ND does not only consider aspergers. A number of the vocal self advocates have been diagnosed with it, but my son can't self advocate on the Internet because he lacks a voice.

People off the spectrum often assume everyone that is able to communicate either verbally or by writing/typing has Aspergers. However, the only people that have aspergers are those that are on the spectrum but have no form of speech disorder. I only read the ND blogs that interest me. LBRB is one of the few I do bc it posts on current news and science news.

Many in the ND community are not comfortable with genetic testing bc they fear it will be used as tests for downs are used. However this is unlikely, given there is not even one genetic cause of autism. As you have noted, while Autism is common among those with your genetic difference, your genetic difference is not common among the Autism population. It is important, though, to research genetics, as it may help in providing treatments to those with genetic conditions.

However, many ND advocates lament the lack of research into treatments that may help those with different causes of autism. Part of why LBRB comments so much on vaccines is because they are still being researched.

On topic, it's sad that such a vocal self advocate turned out to be such a criminal, and may have preyed on those he claimed to advocate for.