Wednesday, July 7, 2010

British Medical Association takes stance on conversion therapy

I was reading Michelle Dawson's TMOB comment board just now and she cited this interesting piece about the British Medical Association taking a stance against 'conversion therapy' or the therapy that attempts to make gay persons have a straight sexual orientation. I wonder what their stance would be in moving people in the other direction, i.e. turning a straight person into a gay person. This might be a solution for some sexually dissatisfied autistic male heterosexuals. In fact several years ago I wrote a short story which dealt with this very subject in case anyone is interested in reading it. Ironically enough my story is entitled 'The Conversion'. Tamar Brott described this short story on the NPR show Studio 360 which featured your humble blogger.


John Best said...

Let's make all the good looking lesbians straight.

Jake Crosby said...

The person who was in charge of the CDC when I was born, James Mason, is now a trustee for Evergreen International - a religious group that advocates "curing" homosexuality with faith-healing.

John Best said...

I think he should cure it with hookers.