Monday, May 17, 2010

Return of the autism hub

In the no news is good news department or the "I had Excedrin headache number 64, took my Excedrin, went to bed, had a pleasant dream and woke up and found it too good to be true department" I have just this moment noticed the autism hub is back. I should have known the hiatus would be ephemeral. Gadfly gave his take on these people who wear black hats in a previous post.

Some of the same blogs have been kept, such as Estee Klar who states that those of us with autism should take joy in having a handicap and horrific disability. Also, Left brain right brain, the blog that was basically the progenitor of this hideous hub has been kept.

Among blogs on the science side, are the autism crisis blog. So Michelle Dawson who can state that science is not politics and say that it is fine that she and the people she works with can accept a half a million dollar grant from an organization which she has stated in the past ideally wishes a short future for those with autism.

They also have an archive. They apparently have added the blog of the deceased hatemonger "Alyric" who took joy in making abusive and condescending comments to your humble blogger, particularly about his special education experiences, as if she had any knowledge of being developmentally disabled that was not an abstraction. For those with a wave of nostalgia the archives of autism diva's blog has been kept though it has apparently been close to three years since she has posted anything.

Saliently lacking is The New Republic blog of "Socrates" who apparently from my limited knowledge of the situation was considered somewhat of a trouble maker in the hub's blogosphere and was apparently a factor in Dave Seidel's and "Hollywood Jaded's" "bailout" as administrators of the old hub.

Another blog missing from the list is the Whose Planet is it Anyway blog of "The autistic bitch from hell" I guess she still has her blog so I won't be deprived from reading about how autistics who want a cure for their condition should be taken out and shot or strangled to death and turned into cat food . The rumor mill has it that "the autistic bitch from hell" is in fact the nom de plume of one Meg Evans. I will emphasize that I am not certain that these two individuals are the same person. I just know what I read in the preceding link. The discerning reader can follow the link and judge for themselves.

Meg Evans is an individual high up in the board of directors of ASAN. An organization that claims to be in favor of civil rights and dignity for persons with autism. As most who follow this blog know, ASAN's leader, Ari Ne'eman, has an appointment to the national council on disabilities pending in the U.S. Senate, even though gadfly has provided overwhelming evidence that in fact Mr. Ne'eman does not even believe that he himself has a disability or that autism is a disability, yet has presented himself as a stakeholder. He has also been appointed to the IACC, who coordinates the funding of biologic research in autism, though he has stated he opposed biologic research with the aim of curing autism. Ms. Evans claims to have been diagnosed as autistic as a child, yet is a lawyer who graduated from Case Western Reserve Law school, was able to get married and have two children. One has to wonder if in fact the ABFH and Ms. Evans are one in the same that the government should be appointing a leader from an organization to various posts who has in his organization as executive board of directors someone who has such a flippant attitude towards the lives of autistics whose philosophy she does not happen to agree with.

Most notable of all is the exclusion of the comet's corner blog whose author Clay Adams is one of the most vicious and cruel hatemongers in the ND movement and who seems to have a morbid obsession with your humble blogger, constantly belittling him, making fun of him and writing libelous statements about him. The blog has been taken over by new administrators who one hopes don't have the callous attitude that Dave Seidel and his cronies had towards autistic people who really do suffer from their condition, have been veterans of special education and who can't get married or hold down a job unlike many of the members past and present of the hub himself included.

They also give some other information in various parts of the new hub that I will let the interested reader find for themselves. One statement that intrigued this blogger:

The Hub will continue to carefully review and bring some of the best autism blogging from around the web, to visitors and other Autism Hub bloggers – you know, the kind of blogging that is respectful of autistic people insightful, sometimes scientific, but always thought-provoking and mindful of the Hub’s stated mission:-------

Well the rest of the statement is about their baloney of promoting rights and diversity to make themselves look more acceptable than they were in the good old days when their motto was "We don't want no stinkin' cure". Of course I have to laugh at this highlighted statement. Does this mean that such August blogs as The New Republic, Comet's Corner and Whose planet is it anyway, won't be continued on the new hub? Not necessarily, as they have another statement saying that though not all of the old blogs were included that even if they did not make the first cut, persons whose blogs were not included can resubmit their blogs to the hub for the consideration. It is not impossible that these blogs will be back on the hub. It can also be noted that they have stated the hub is under anonymous administrators and has been financed by "an anonymous benefactor with no financial interest in autism". One must wonder about these anonymous people, who this benefactor is who spends money on this cult of hatred and propaganda and why he/she wishes to remain anonymous. Apparently, the new administrators wish to be anonymous, so people whose blog posts go over the line won't have to be accountable to persons whose libelous statements might actually put them in legal jeopardy as administrators of the new hub.

Of course, the hiatus of the hub, did mean the dagger did pierce the figurative skin, even though it was not put entirely through the heart. We can only hope there will be more daggers and with ND attempting to become more mainstream, with more continued exposure of Ari Ne'eman and other stellar individuals in this movement, people will see the hatred, the lies and propaganda espoused and next time the saber will not miss its mark.


farmwifetwo said...

I found most of the autistic blogs to be "eye-roll's"... parent haters with little useful information for a parents as a child grows up.

Most of the parent blogs were either well written or useless.

Estee Klar amoungst the useless. Estee and her ex have bought their way around the Ontario system. Whereas the rest of us have pounded our heads against it, bled for it, begged for help, fought gov'ts and school's for appropriate services and help... they paid out of pocket, went to the USA for dx's... min of 6mths here to get a dx... and talked to the "head" people of the therapy programs.... only have ABA here and if you are lucky you can get in within 12mths... They took their kid to private school, had a private "shadow" for him... whereas we have to prove our children need that support person in the classroom AND even if they do, the Principals can choose not to use the support person for our child... just somewhere in the school.

She has never once asked what the system truly is like. She did mention on her blog a little bit ago that her child is moving out of the Montessori school and she wants him in a specialized school in the Toronto board. I got that classroom... different board... I have fought since Dec to get into it. The last of the paperwork is signed on Fri afternoon. I've been in the trenches... if she jumps the waitlists... I hope those parents scream publically. I would have. I would also ask how much money Henry paid for his kid to jump the queue. Boards can take "charity".... just not be pd outright.

Also, her dh walked out nearly 2yrs ago now.... Get over it... The constant whining is annoying and takes away from all those women that are single Mothers working 3 jobs just to put food on the table, let alone deal with any health issues that arrise with their children.... She isn't one of them and has no reason to complain about her life. Especially when she can up and book a flight to spend 5 days in France without having to budget or find support for her kid.

Anonymous said...

Klar is a repulsive excuse for a mother. In denial about how severe her kid is and then pays people off apparently to get services. Is anyone surprised the husband walked? She is a self absorbed loser.

Jake Crosby said...


M.J. said...

On his site Clay said that he thinks that he is done with blogging for now. I can only hope that he is serious.

SM69 said...

So what is the difference between this new hub and the autismo one?

No matter how much I may disagree with anyone, I have never found any value in attacking people on their personal life decisions (other than crimes or unethical practice that is). I doubt very much anyone outside these people's close relationships would have any knowledge on this anyhow, so chances are high that this is incorrect and a waste of time.

I have never got the ideas behind gossips or the sort of information people read on private life matters in some media. Forget that none sense!

I think autism deserves better.

John Best said...

Vote for me in 2012 and I'll have the Autism Hub of Insanity blogger's arrested and tried for hate crimes against autistic people. That should shut them up.

Anonymous said...

"you know, the kind of blogging that is respectful of autistic people"

How many minutes until someone there complains that behaving respectfully is too neurotypical for him or her?

Adrianna said...

I'm not altogether convinced that Meg Evans is ABFH. Although I think the coincidences are odd.

I really wish she would reveal herself though. How can you expect to have any credibility when you refuse to let anyone know who you are? Then again, her reluctance to share anything of this nature with anyone is in keeping with the intense paranoia that can be found on her blog.

She revealed in a post once that she was afraid she would lose her job and basically her life as she knew it if people knew she was autistic. Well, trust me, no one's going to discriminate against you on the basis of a disability you don't have, ABFH.

I'm very reluctant to give out personal information myself, because the world of cyberspace is so small that it can easily fall into the wrong hands. That said, I am more than happy to reveal my first and/or middle name and what state/region I live in, as well as where I can be reached online. Once in a great while, I allow someone to have my full name.

If no one can verify who you are, then there is no reason for anyone to trust you.

I don't visit the Autism Hub, so I can't say much else about this post. But I will say that some people are clearly very delusional if they think the Hub, or ASAN, is an accurate representation of the autistic community.

Anonymous said...

Here's a question for the phoney parents who are part of the "Hub" (e.g. Susan Senator, Casdok, Chew as you pointed out on another post). If autism is so wonderful that they embrace it and would have their kids be no other way but autistic (which I think is a lie) then why did S. Senator put her kid in a group home due to his increasing violence and her inability to handle him? Why isn't he at home and the wonderful autism being embraced? These parents speak out of both sides of their mouths. They are phoney and anyone who can have respect for the bullshit they spew is a fool.

John Best said...

Jonathan, Have you tried asking ABFH if she is Meg Evans on her blog? I did and she deleted it. If she was slightly honest (which we know she isn't), you'd think she'd deny it.

jonathan said...

No if Meg and ABFH were the same person, she is certainly not going to admit it, so no point in asking her on her blog. She does not seem to have posted anything recently it seems, perhaps this controversy about her has gotten to her.

Adrianna said...

She said in her post 'Battle Fatigue' that she was tired of all the drama in the online autistic community and that she was going to start spending more time in the real world and focus on making changed to accomodate the disabled.

Could part of that drama she's trying to avoid have anything to do with this little "expose?" Who knows?

I wonder what changes she's going to implement though. She doesn't seem all the keen on autism treatment and the accomodations that NDs like so much will never be adopted by employers. They just aren't feasible.

Rick Neubrander said...

This comment on the hub is interesting. Kinda puts a bit more into perspective.

Anonymous said...

The parent blogs on the Hub are embarrassing. From what I can tell their kids are warehoused and the parents have such low expectations of them that taking walks, riding bikes or watching the computer seems to be enough of an accomplishment for them.

Kent Adams said...

Cowardly, anon wrote this:

"that taking walks, riding bikes or watching the computer seems to be enough of an accomplishment for them."

Anon, for some severely disabled people, THESE are MAJOR accomplishments, no less important than a typical major accomplishment for someone that isn't disabled. I find your comment ignorant of what serious and profound disabilities mean for those affected.

Anonymous said...

I really don't care what you think Kent. The parents on the Hub are useless and arrogant.