Thursday, March 11, 2010

Look, there's a kid in a cage

"Look, there's a kid in a cage" was a taunt that I received from some neighborhood bullies during my youth more than 40 years ago who liked to ridicule me about the fact I went to a special education school and not the regular neighborhood public school as they did. Nearly 15 years ago I used this line to what I believed was good effect in my short story,Mr. Twiddle.

In light of these facts, I find this story from Australia interesting and ironic


Anonymous said...

"In light of these facts, I find this story from Australia interesting and ironic"

When I was in elementary school there was a fence between the road and all the playgrounds and sports fields, not just the between the road and a separate playground for kids in special ed.

Unknown said...

I have been bullied immensely in primary school for everything from spending my first few years in special ed to loving cats. I wanted to yell out all the swear words and death threats to every last one of these kids, but then the police force would have penalized me. I could not trust anyone there except for my few aspie friends, who I have lost touch with.

I never owned anyone's cheap shots, as I knew from the start that all the preteens were talking nonsense. I had an egotistic attitude, but that saved me from losing my self esteem. Eventually I became more humble, especially after noticing the artistic talent of my accepting high school peers. I am a good artist, but could always improve in some areas.

Jake Crosby said...

Makes me want to barf.