Thursday, February 18, 2010

Google's double standard re neurodiversity

That 21st century Bruno Bettelheim, Clay Adams, who claims that autistic persons who don't like their autism and wish to be cured do so, because they were influenced by domineering mothers is at it again. Apparently not being able to think of anything original to write about me let alone any actual arguments against any of my criticisms of neurodiversity and it's various proponents has taken some old satirical and mocking songs directed towards your humble blogger and reprinted them from various places he has written them before in a blog post.

Adams, who claims to have obtained an autism diagnosis in his 50's was able to serve in the navy, get married and hold down jobs where he made enough money to support at least one or two children. He apparently was also able to retire at a somewhat younger age than other social security recipients from having made astute investments. Adams has claimed that the only reason I am too impaired to serve in the military or get married is because of attitudes that my mother foisted upon me it was not due to a neurologic impairment. His pal Harry Williams (AKA Socrates) has agreed to this belief in the comments section claiming none of my disabilities comes from autism.

This hits home with me because unlike I suspect the vast majority of persons in the autism blogosphere, particularly members of the infamous autism hub I actually lived through the Bettelheim era, where I underwent psychoanalysis and my mother (and I guess to a lesser extent my dad) were blamed for my problems by my former therapist. I have already had to live through this era in my youth, now Mr. Adams has been attempting to get me to live through it again.

Normally I would just ignore Clay Adams' slights as he clearly is out to get attention and I should not be giving him the attention he craves so much. However, some new issues have come up.

In his post mocking me Mr. Adams ripped off a photo from my blog which is a violation of the DMCA federal law. we see that in the past Mr. Adams has had no qualms of ripping off other people's material and infringing on copyrights I flagged his blog and filed a DMCA complaint with google. It has been more than two days and they still have not acted upon it and have not deleted my photograph from Adams' blog. I also sent email to hub administrator Dave Seidel suggesting that if my photo were not taken down that I might file a complaint with google against him and the hub and I might also contact the hub's ISP. I only received a somewhat sarcastic reply from Mr. Seidel which I won't print here.

In the past when John Best of the hating autism blog has engaged in unauthorized use of photos of Phil Gluyas and David Andrews and possibly other individuals these persons filed DMCA complaints with google and the photos were taken down in less than 24 hours.

Also, I can just imagine the ire that would be directed at any equivalent autism hub that had a pro biomed chelation philosophy that hosted John Best's blog the way Seidel and the hub have endorsed and linked Clay Adams' blog. They constantly complain of Best's sometimes outrageous behavior, personal attacks and his mocking and ridiculing other persons. Yet it is fine with Seidel and the rest of the hub members that Clay Adams can write posts mocking me and ridiculing me and can infringe upon the copyright of my photo. I did point out that Seidel was only hurting himself by an association with this individual.

Even more germane to this whole thing is that now the hating autism blog and it's associated blogs are dead. Google, apparently, without any explanation to Best, deleted all of his blogs. There were likely multiple complaints of John Best's angry and caustic behavior and even possibly the false allegations the ND hub members have made in the past that he threatened Ari Ne'eman with death. For the most part, as I said before, I have chosen to ignore Clay Adam's abusive statements towards my parents, his constantly writing abusive comments to me on this blog which I almost never publish. However, I believe this double standard of Google acting upon DMCA takedowns against John Best, but allowing Clay Adams to slide and use my photograph without my consent on his blog is a double standard. I have no idea why Google does not believe in fair play, why they would act against Best and not act against Adams.

If the NDs think they can shut John Best up however, they are sadly mistaken. He has resurrected his blog at for anyone interested. As I don't approve of a lot of Best's behavior and tactics and I have urged him to tone down some of his rhetoric, it is with some reluctance that I plug his new blog. However, one must remember the addage fight fire with fire. If Seidel and the rest of the hub are willing to link to a blog which takes cheap shots at someone's disability by someone whose own autism diagnosis is dubious at best, then by all means I can have no qualms about publicizing Best's new blog. It is strangely hypocritical of neurodiversity in general and the autism hub and Dave Seidel in particular to claim they are about treating persons on the spectrum with dignity and respect when they link to a blog that tries to bring back the Bettelheim era and also someone who writes satirical songs ridiculing and mocking certain aspects of someone's disability.

Though I don't condone a lot of John Best's behavior and tactics it does not mean the neurodiversity movement does not generate a lot of problems for at least some of us who are on the spectrum and their families. It is sort of like saying that because Black people sometimes riot in the streets as they did in my home town of Los Angeles in 1965 and 1992 that racism is not a problem. John Best's son is severely afflicted and barring a miracle he will never be able to refute any of the ND propaganda. Neurodiversity does present problems in that they often trivialize autism by claiming Bill Gates and others have autism. They claim autism is not a tragedy so that persons like myself who are trying to obtain disability who need it will have an even harder time and they try to stifle scientific research that could some day put an end to this miserable tragedy. If ND wants to play hardball by endorsing Clay Adams blog by linking to it on the hub then I see no problem of giving the new hating autism blog a shoutout. It is in this spirit that I publicize the new hating autism blog and look forward to reading more of what John Best has to write.

If anyone from google happens to read this (assuming they don't delete my blog also) perhaps they can explain to me this double standard which shows such huge bias towards neurodiversity.

Addendum: Also for the time being Best's writings can be read on
The latest is that for the time being Best's blogs are back up, so I guess neurodiversity has been foiled. But I am still concerned about Google acting on DMCA takedowns on Best's blog, but not acting against Clay Adams violations of the blogger terms of service


Foresam said...

Google also acted quickly to remove photos of Amanda Baggs looking like a normal teenager. Someone lied to Google by falesly claiming ownership of the photos yet, Google refused to tell me who filed the complaint and let that person get away with lying to them. So, we see that Google is corrupt.

farmwifetwo said...

The Hub nor most of it's members actually practice neurodiversity nor acceptance.

Worst part is.... they actually believe they do.

Anonymous said...

I suspect it was Ari Ne'eman with the help of Meg Evans and his family connections that got Best's blog taken down.

Adrianna said...

This is, without a doubt, a campaign of intimidation being launched against you, and it's shameful.

I love how someone-don't recall his name-devoted an entire website to insulting you. And he's such a coward he won't even let the public read it. Invited readers only. Tough guy, huh?

Don't these people have lives, anyway, what with their genius-level Aspie jobs and quirky Aspie marriage and challenging-but- delightful Aspie children?

Ender said...

Doesn't sound like anything your buddy John Best wouldn't do, you don't mind when its done to Ari or any number of others... why should we care that its done to you.

jonathan said...

Ender: I attempted to publish your comment about some kid with Asperger's being on NBC, but somehow it does not seem to have gone through. I have no idea what you are talking about though, why would I protest NBC for putting a kid with Asperger's on their show.

Ender: As is par for the course with you, you miss the point of the post entirely. I don't care if Clay Adams insults me or my family, fine, but he is violating federal law by his unauthorized use of my photo. When Best uses actual photos google takes them down whenever ND complains, so Best has stopped using real photos of persons as of late. Clay, can do to me exactly what Best has done to other people and I won't cry like a baby the way Kevin Leitch did for example when he gave up blogging for a while when Best mentioned stuff about his daughter. You really should read my posts more carefully before you comment.

Droopy said...

Perhaps now Jonathan, you might better understand why some of us get so 'polarized' and react as harshly/strongly as we do against "Neurodiversity"

They are a group of perfectly normal (in capabilities anyway) people, chavs, taking off and terrorizing a group of disabled people and our parents, they've been doing it at least as far back as 1994/1995 that I can personally attest to.

first it was 'just' in online chats and forums where an unwitting parent or a person who's really afflicted with autism (such as myself) might wander in unaware of what we'd just walked into

Its the same damned thing only much bigger and much more effective and with full on governmental and corporate backing

I suppose you thought John Best and I were a bit 'paranoid' with this talk.. do you still think that?

Do you maybe now understand a little bit better?

this is just a tip of what they can and will do.

Wait until they make a mockup of you, a psuedo Jonathan Mitchell to imitate your life's details and challenges to prance around the media as your fradulant doppleganger
to make a career and a lifestyle out of making fun of you.

*with full media knowledge and support*

How the hell do you think Baggs got on CNN and then everywhere else?

Did you really think I was making it up when I have said what she and they have done, to me?

Did you think it didn't or can't happen?

I'll cut you some slack in so far as I wouldn't have believed it myself if it hadn't been me it happened to.

Have they threatened you with the lying to the FBI to bring them down on you yet (Laura Tisoncik, the mastermind behind the Baggs facade made this threat against me)

Have they gone to some national victim's organization to try to twist things around so they actually paint themselves as the victim and you as the badguy predetor?

They're a bunch of well organized chavs (over-privilaged spoiled have-it-alls) who are railing on a group of developmentally disabled people, most of whom can't even speak for ourselves at all, let alone fight back, play the games, use the right words, play the system, network etc the way they do and they're doing it before God and everyone -- and with government and corporate backing and people are just standing around watching and it it isn't going to get any better.

Sorry to have to say, Welcome to my world, Jonathan.

jonathan said...

Droopy, I am not sure what to think. I still don't believe John Best's thing about neurodiversity being a front for big pharm; however, it does seem they have been gaining a lot of power as of late with goverment backing and other backing and including autism speaks backing by donating half a million dollars to their cause by funding Mottron and I am not sure what to think.

I don't doubt what you say about ND terrorizing people, I know it first hand that they are nothing but petty internet bullies and hatemongers who use "human rights" as a smokescreen to promote their warped agenda. I agree with most everything else you say.

I know about your claims that Baggs plagarized your life. I have no idea whether she did or not though I have no way of knowing this. She claimed to me that she had a speech impairment going back before age 3 and then recovered her speech and then lost it gradually during adolescence to about age 20 due to catatonia. I have no idea if this is true or not either, though I acknowledge there seem to be some inconsistencies in her story such as the claim that she was schizophrenic and misdiagnosed so she is somewhat suspect, but I don't know anything about it for absolute fact.

John Best said...

Think about this.
Leitch told all of the neuronitwits not to even mention my name shortly after I figured out they were part of Pharma and wrote about it. He wouldn't let Phil Gluyas join the Hub until he made up a new blog with no references to me.

I never said what Leitch claimed I said about his daughter. He made it all up. In fact, he called his daughter a monkey himself. He lied, as always.

Would ANYONE claim they loved being autistic? Only Frank Klein, the hired brainwashing expert could come up with that stuff.

jonathan said...

John actually what i was thinking of was when you impersonated Leitch's daughter as a sock puppet on your blog saying "cure me daddy" or something to that effect and Leitch claimed you had hurt him so much that he would discontinue left brain right brain, but that obviously did not last long.

I can't imagine why anyone would claim they would love being autistic, particularly Frank Klein who claimed that autism equaled genius and greatness, yet he lived in poverty on the dole and was not even able to hold down a minimum wage job.

John Best said...

I didn't use any sockpuppets on my blog.
Frank Klein said he was autistic. That was a lie.
He had pictures of "himself" on AutAdvo that he probably found in an old black and white album somewhere that probably wasn't him.
Frank was born in the 70's but had pictures of his "mother" that looked like he plucked them out of Bruno Bettleheim'c scrapbook of a "refrigerator mother".
I don't think anything Frank said was true. He probably made up the bit about living in poverty too. I'll bet he was well compensated by the CIA.
Where did he disappear to? Maybe he's writing propaganda in Afghanistan now.

Droopy said...

Ender said...

"Doesn't sound like anything your buddy John Best wouldn't do, you don't mind when its done to Ari or any number of others... why should we care that its done to you."

I'd say since its your self-appointed role however unwanted by us, that you've taken it upon yourselves to force yourselves as our spokespersons and our so-called 'advocates'

-- this places an extra burden and responsibility on you that you should manage to at very least refrain from attacking those you pretend to be advocating for.

You are dealing with people who certainly didn't ask for you, people who don't want your brand of 'advocacy' people who certainly don't want or subscribe to your ideas of so-called 'help.'

to paraphrase an old saying:

With advocates like you, who needs oppressors?

Droopy said...

and another thing
(Sorry Jonathan, but this is worthwhile too)

I have an advocate, a real one (and one I ASKED for)

she has advocated not only for me but for quite a few people with a wide range of challenges and issues

You don't think she's ever dealt with the full scope of people's reactions

how long do you think a real advcocate would last if every time the subject of their advocacy backlashed, responded in a negative way that the advocate didn't like?

What happened to the notion of equality and self determination etc here (these are key trigger words real advocats know about and so I'm sure that at in at least keeping up appearances and trying to make it look good you and yours have at least a cursory concept of these notions too, right?)

You know, a couple of weeks ago I accidentally slapped this wonderful woman right upside the head (she was sitting too near me when something distressing happened and I got some bad news and there you have it, smacked her right upside the head)

how long do you think she'd have lasted at this work (she's been at it longer than some of you have been alive) if she demanded complacency and a forfeiture of her client's rights in order to advocate for them

as an advocate she is extremely good at letting the person she is advocating for lead the way, make sure the decisions come from the person themselves and she is there to support and see that those desires are followed through on --
that's how a real advocate works and what a real advocate does.

how long do you think she'd last as an advocate (or anything else) if she couldn't take people having their own minds, or even the occasional swipe upside the head, if she wheeled about and instead tried to open a can of whupass and terrorized somebody instead?

You guys kill me

you would be the first workers in an institution to decide you 'can't take it' and would be beating people up for someone's failure to do exactly as you say (especially when what you say is shut up and get out of our way)
the first ones to abuse your charges, those under your care at the first sign of their having behaviors you just decide you don't like,

man its off the the seclusion, the timeout box, for life isn't it

the first time somebody for whom you're really only playing at being so altruistic and concerned for gives you a slapdown headbutts or bites you, you people of Neurodiversity would be all over that person,

you don't even have to admit it -- your actions already do.

Anonymous said...

Here's my own impression of a rap song about Clay Aiken.... *ahem* Clay 'Gay' Adams:

My name is Clay Adams and I'm the nicest guy, nicest guy, nicest guy!!!

I dress like a plumber from the Mario Brothers unlike the others, unlike the others, unlike the others.

Oh my! What a pussy-ass describe, to describe, to describe.

At least Jedi got da decency to succeed unlike some aspies who choose to smoke some weed. Unlike turning to drugs, da Jedi turn da S-P-double E, C to da H therapy 'cause dats da bravery and courage da J possess within he. Turns out he got da M-R-E-L-D to da single T and A-D-H-D to da double D despite da fact da Jedi got help and diagnosis as a young pup for expressive language skills lacking for an autie-dill.

But when I think about da past I can't even laugh except for fallin' through da cracks.
So now I be ecstatic for finishing my stupid-ass punk life all thanks to da NT niggas. I did dey dirty work. So now I jack it off and jerk instead of workin' at da Burger King or da Jack-In-Da-Box flippin' my Assburgers off with some extra fuckin' cheese, except I gotta take Viagra since I'm an ol' geezer and an ex-people pleaser.

Deep down my soul, I know it was my mom who caused my cold-ass curse. The reason relates to poppin' out da alcoholic womb not on time, not on time, not on time!
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Word! Life!

Droopy said...

Lemme rephrase that

Right on Jedi

here's another that's something I need to say straight to Clay and all the rest of Neurodiversity and the others who are so busy with screwing us:

In my mind I'ma fighter, my heart's a lighter
My soul is the fluid, my flow sparks it right up
Arsenic writer, author with arthritis
Carpel tunnel, Marshall will start shit-itis
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Larry Arnold PhD FRSA said...

Shelley I have a quote for you ..

"It is a waste of time to be angry about my disability. One has to get on with life and I haven't done badly. People won't have time for you if you are always angry or complaining."

It's from Stephen Hawking, is he disabled/impaired enough for you?

Droopy said...

Nice attempt at twisting things and putting words in my mouth (two things Neurodiversity does best)

Jonathan made a great analogy earlier and it applies here

what you're doing is paramount to claiming Blacks were 'angry at being Blacks" when finally they could take no more and broke out in riot against oppression and discrimination

and what an ultra-bigoted notion it was then -- just as it is coming from you now --

I'm also struck by the fact that arguing with you, arguing with Neurodiversity who, whatever the rest of your objection du jur will be, youare decidedly pissed due to the fact that Autistic people are disabled and you want to self-identify as "Autistic" but otherwise you just can't seem to settle in and focus in on just what your problem is or what you're fighting for other than whatever it is -- is and always will be entirely and exclusively for what you can get out of it for yourselves

otherwise, when pinned down you just perpetually change your argument, change your story, "pull a 180" (and you typically work in shifts, isn't it about time for another internet thug to appear with yet another off-the-wall come from left-field approach for you to hand the baton off to?)

and attempting to chase all that down, well its really like trying to catch a snake by its tail

or, as one attorney put it recently (as we've watched the same desperately floundering ever-changing argument and story, coming from the other side):

"its called throwing shit up againt the wall to see what sticks"

I've a little newsflash for you:
I'm Autistic not stupid

Droopy said...

oh and..

"King Lawrence," while you're busy posturing as some kind of grand Conscious-Aware Social-Activist while the truth is we both know better

and if there's a 'disability' or a 'disease"that I'm dealing with here that I'm really angry about,

then its one and the same that I manage to share with this songwriter, Blacks, my ancestors, and anyone else throughout time who's ever found themselves facing the very same, the disease I am talking about has many names, none of which you'll ever find in any medical book:

and its the disease you bring

Hugo Wagner said...

Droopy, if you would like to visit a true neurodiversity forum, check out It's nothing like Aspies for non-Freedom, trust me. No obligation, you can check it out for several weeks before deciding whether or not to join.