Monday, November 30, 2009

Stephanie Lynn Keil missed by ND pollsters

I see that Stephanie Lynn Keil of the grand illusion blog has written a new post about how she disagrees with neurodiversity and believes that a cure for autism would be a good thing. I applaud Stephanie for doing this because as we find a growing number of persons on the spectrum who say they desire a cure we are disputing the neurodiversity contention espoused by Mike Carley, Dawn Prince-Hughes, Harry Williams (Socrates), Alex Plank and others that "most autistics don't want to be cured". Stephanie also shows great courage in signing (what I am pretty certain at least) her real name to a post stating that she wishes there could be a cure for autism. From my own personal experience (and I suspect Stephanie can attest to this also) anyone on the spectrum who is both high functioning and courageous enough to refute the ND line is vilified, bullied and harassed. Neurodiversity also has a "psychologist" (masters degree level) David Andrews who will start swearing at anyone who refutes the ND line in a blog comment. He delights in calling them "shite" or "tosspot" or any of the other vulgar names he can think of. It is quite frightening to me that this individual is allowed to work with autistic persons in any sort of clinical setup.

Neurodiversity not only operates by abusive name-calling but by disingenuous spin as well. It is understandable that any pro-cure autistic might be frightened of incurring the wrath of these vicious hatemongers and would not dare publicly state on the internet that they wish to be cured of this condition. One other problem is that many of persons afflicted are too impaired to blog and refute neurodiversity's nonsense. For example, Jon Shestack, father of Dov Shestack states that his son wants to be cured. However, Dov is nonverbal and probably incapable of refuting NDs nonsense or participating in their skewed polls. The same is true of John Belmonte, brother of autism brain researcher Matthew Belmonte. John B. in his 40s, has never spoken, but he has a limited ability to communicate using either FC or some sort of augmented communication or both. He has stated to his brother that he wishes to be cured of his autism.

What of the ND pollsters who state that their "scientific polls" prove that most autistics don't want to be cured. That autism speaks and other procure organizations wish to force a cure on those who don't want one (let alone the phony arguments about eugenic abortions)?

I could have gone to Wasilla, Alaska and taken a poll there on who the American people wished to be president of the United States in the 2008 election. I could have additionally gone to Biloxi, Mississippi and gotten additional poll numbers. It is likely that at least 99% of the poll participants would have stated they supported the McCain-Palin ticket (which lost). My poll would have been as scientific as neurodiversity's poll on whether or not autistics desire a cure.

Thank you, Stephanie, for publicly stating your convictions and not allowing ND to get away with their disingenuous spin. However, be prepared for a barrage of insults including the term "house autistic". Also, a few profane words from David Andrews may come your way.


Stephanie said...

Of course the most profoundly disabled need a cure. Anyone who disagrees with that is just sputtering nonsense. And I'd certainly like to get treatment for my most disabling aspects, to alleviate them. This doesn't change who I am: it would just help me function better.

Jake Crosby said...

David Andrews was surprisingly polite to me when he dropped me a comment at AoA.

He was also civil in my debates with him "Science"Blogs, while others shouted profanities at me.

Cyberman said...

Well done Steph and you do cool art too


John Best said...

You must have caught Andrews when he was sober.

Cyberman said...

What did Steph do to get a nasty award from Fill Gluehead ? Seriously that guy has a few screws loose.