Thursday, July 2, 2009

new internet article about your humble blogger

well an article/interview about yours truly has been published by autism writer heather sedlock who has Asperger's syndrome herself. A pretty good and balanced article on the whole. But I'm 53 now. She cites my age as 52 which it was at the time I wrote my article neurodiversity just say no Actually I did not say that i believed females with autism and asperger's never attended special ed courses, I did express in my article urging persons to say no to ND that at the time with one exception I did not know of anyone who believed in that misguided philosophy who had ever been a special ed student as I had been. Since that time (more than a year since I wrote the article) I have encountered a few others. Looking up some stuff about the internet, I came across some of Ms. Sedlock's writing and her email address. I emailed her telling her about my blog as well as my stories website, which I won't bother linking to here as it can be linked to from the home page of this blog. I never thought when I wrote her I would get an entire article devoted to myself in the bargain. Well thanks to Heather Sedlock for thinking of me. A lot of this stuff about me is probably familiar to regular gadfly readers (which I realize there are a few of you now), course you might enjoy reading it anyway, as well as any new or first time gadfly readers.

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