Tuesday, January 6, 2009

vaccine debate not over says David Kirby

David Kirby, who became renowned for his book, Evidence of Harm, which tried to suggest that thimerosal, a preservative in vaccines was responsible for causing autism and a huge increase in autism prevalence in the 1990s is at it again. He has written an article on the Huffington Post stating that the IACC which came about when congress passed the combating autism act has made recommendations that millions of dollars be funded to see if a link between vaccines and autism can be found. This includes a controlled study of some sort comparing autism rates between vaccinated and unvaccinated children. Though I suppose there are some children who don't get vaccinated at all nowadays, they might be few and far between due to most states having laws requiring children receive a variety of vaccinations for school attendance.

One thing that I am rather surprised at is the lack of commentary by members of the autism hub and others in the neurodiversity movement, since they seem to not only object to the lack of scientific evidence showing that vaccines cause autism but apparently are offended that anyone would imply that autistic people are somehow "toxic" in some way, but leave such bizarre reasoning to the neurodiverse. Since they don't seem to want to write about the problems with this, I suppose the onus falls on me, another disbeliever of the vaccines cause autism hypothesis.

As regular readers of autism's gadfly know, I have written about what a joke the combating autism act and the IACC are. Though the combating autism act was written and designed to cure and prevent autism, the law stated that one of the members of the IACC must be autistic themselves. The person who was given this honor was published autistic author, prolific conference presenter and fast rising autistic superstar Stephen Shore--The Barack Obama of autism that everyone seems to like. However, Steve is opposed to a cure for autism yet is allowed to serve on the IACC. In addition, vaccine causes autism boosters Mark Blaxill and Lynn Redwood also serve on the IACC. This is likely the reason that vaccine research has been given top priority in spite of all of the evidence against it, with study after study refuting the connection and all of the believers, including Blaxill and Redwood claiming there is a government coverup or some other kind of conspiracy to withhold the truth from the people.

Blaxill in one of his emails to me claimed that SAFEMINDS and other organizations had nowhere near the resources of the government to prove vaccines cause autism, so they could not fund studies to refute all the government studies. This is in spite of the fact that his fellow SAFEMINDS board member Sallie Bernard may have a net worth in the neighborhood of like 300 million dollars.

I have also written about how hypocritical I believe ASAN and other neurodiversity sympathizers are to have attempted to hijack this law that they have made plain that they are opposed to for their own self-serving agendas.

I was wondering if any of these fat cats, educated journalists, and others who are boosting the vaccine hypothesis would be willing to read my article showing the lack of correlation between thimerosal and autism prevalence increases between 1970 and 1990. I believe this article also refutes vaccines in general rather than thimerosal in particular hypothesis. Until anyone at all can refute what I wrote in my article and show where my reasoning is wrong, I will stand by my assertion that I have shown there is no way in the world that vaccines can account for huge rises in autism that took place in this time frame.

If this vaccine stuff is funded this means millions of dollars that could go to more constructive research, such as funding my friend Matthew Belmonte, funding more postmortem autopsies of autistic brains, more MRI scans and more genetic studies to pin down the genetic etiology of autism. Also some environmental studies of something other than vaccines could be funded. This would mean a greater probability of autism being cured or preventable sooner rather than later. If more money is spent on vaccine research on top of all the money that has been flushed down the toilet already, it means our knowledge of the etiology of autism and ways that it could be cured or prevented will remain in the stone age.

It would seem that the federal government, the combating autism act and the IACC have made a mockery of the noble goal of preventing and curing autism once again. Perhaps before the government flushes more money down the toilet they could consult with your humble blogger or show where his reasoning is wrong first.


Anonymous said...

You never know....the vaccine theory could be rigged like everything else is within autism research.

Seriously.....professionals, educators and researchers need to find ways to spread how autism truly affects individuals without rigging the naive autism community into believing they lack social, communication and a broad range of interests, but rather educating them on their limitations and teaching them how to live the best they can with them while trying to focus on their strengths....that is until researchers can get even further on brain research so therapists could rewire the brain until it matches the average neurotypical brain control.....but that's really hard for anyone to explain to an autistic who wants true answers, isn't it?

Anyone who wants answers won't ever get one because all the autism professionals care about is rigging the entire thing up, or else they destroy millions of autistics' beliefs that they could really be the next Albert Einstein and will go bankrupt as a result. They also don't want to be responsible for causing a global depression epidemic among parents, siblings and other relatives of autistics.

John Best said...

Hi Jonathan,
Neurodiversity won't oppose what Kirby and the IACC are doing because they are on the same side. Kirby and the rest who keep asking for studies are playing the same game. They are wasting time so the majority of the general public will not be told the truth in time to cure their children.

Kirby is a disgrace to my son, and to you. We have the means to cure lots of autistic people now and have had it for awhile.

We have had the proof that thimerosal caused the epidemic for 10 years now. ALL of the rhetoric debating this, including Kirby's, is propaganda.

You should note that Kirby refuses to state that thimerosal is responsible. He only says that, MAYBE, it is a problem. In light of all the kids who've been cured by removing mercury, Kirby should be able to state with the utmost confidence that that proves his contention.

Why won't he do that? It makes no sense.

I don't have time to go into detail about why your argument against thimerosal as cause is wrong but you are missing some facts, notably concerning the flu shot.

I don't trust Kirby. I think he is leading parents down the wrong path and wasting their time.

Anonymous said...

It is very insightful article. I’d like to a few words (I f you don’t mind my poor writing skill).

For beginning I will comment only one sentence. (In attempt to get to “the bottom of the truth” I will start with the sentence that is on the bottom of you article).

Yu wrote “Perhaps before the government flushes more money down the toilet they could consult with your humble blogger or show where his reasoning is wrong first.”

That will be the first productive steps in attempt to combat autism but I am not optimistic that it will ever happen.

Government have plenty adviser so called autism-expert and on the other side is concern to spend money where he can expect to get votes. Even if someone in government consider to consult “HUMBLE BLOGER” the so called anti vaccine autism experts and pro-vaccine autism experts will be strongly against such government’s intention.
In the end, the government have to look in the direction from the most vote can come.

The government existence doesn’t depend on will it combat autism or not but it depends on how many vote it will get by the next election.
Any attempt to do something that is against will of established so called autism experts (including anti-vaccine, pro-vaccine and neuro-diversity autism experts) will endangers government position because behind ant-vaccine experts and behind pro-vaccine experts and behind neuro-diversity autism experts is huge supporting crowd that government can afford to ignore.

Health activism is effective way to have power over the people without being elected.
In recent decades it is trend that the government is in great extent subjected to the will of the health activists and at the same time human population getting more and sicker by each passing year.

The example of autism is one extreme example where is no known cause and there is no known cure but there is plenty established autism experts that have great power over the elected government.

Luke Tunyich