Sunday, July 6, 2008

Going to ASA this week

Well I am going to be out of town from Tuesday morning to saturday evening. Going to go to the Autism Society of America annual conference. It is in Orlando Florida. I will be seeing my good friend Adam with autism who lives in Miami whom I have only seen in person once before. Also Temple Grandin is there. Hopefully I can avoid getting into an argument with her if i get to meet her. Probably won't get to meet her though, as i guess she will be pretty much mobbed. She was in Arizona at the conference last year and I saw her in person but we did not talk at all.

Also my friend, Stephen Shore, the fast rising superstar of autism conferences, will be there and I will get to see him again. Not sure who else will be there. Hopefully I will get to have some good social interaction with some people with whom I have a common interest in autism. Hopefully will have a good time. Not sure it will be worth money and time of going there again, so i might not go again, but going this time around.

I will probably write a blog entry which will be a brief summary of my adventures at the conference, after i get back on July 12

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