Saturday, April 26, 2008

Another new nonfiction piece on my web page

I have just uploaded a new article on my web page. It concerns some ironies about the Lovaas Institute for early development and the social security administration office. the article is at: I submitted this article to My Turn column in Newsweek magazine last October. I never heard back from them. They said in the submission guidelines that they receive about 200 submissions for every piece they publish in this column and that if a writer did not hear back from them in two months this meant they were not under consideration. Well, apparently, I did not beat the 200 to 1 odds of getting the piece published in Newsweek. It is sort of an interesting irony and as some of my older readers may remember, before I moved my blogging over here from Jonathan's Journal on my web page, I blogged about this topic there, so I guess you can go there and read it there too if you like. don't think I need to provide the URL as I am pretty sure any interested reader can navigate from the lovaas-related article to the journal section of my webpage and find it there.

Since I did not beat those 200 to 1 odds I decided to publish it in the non-fiction part of my web page in case anyone gives a shit and is interested in reading it. Well, thanks in advance to anyone who happens to read it.

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