Friday, January 18, 2008

A New Place For My Blog

I am going to try this new blog, autism's gadfly. The person who created my web page set up the blogger blog, Jonathan's Journal as part of the template of my web page so i was not able to enable comments. I have been taken to task by some persons who wanted to comment on my blog and were not able to. I have been worried about personal attacks and the like but I suppose they are part of the internet. Some people seem to think that I attack people personally when I have no intention of doing so. I will try to avoid personal attacks, but at some point I suppose me and my detractors will have to put on our asbestos suits, get out our flamethrowers and go at it!

I am an autistic with a unique point of view. Though I wish for a cure and have a very low opinion on neurodiversity, I do agree with it's adherents about the likelihood of there being no autism epidemic, the fact that it is impossible for mercury to have caused a rise in autism prevalence and the inefficacy and lack of scientific evidence for ABA as an effective treatment. As a former special education student, I am anti-IDEA and believe that much of the services provided for autistic children are a waste of taxpayer money and do nothing to help them. So, I have something to piss everybody off!! Ergo, the title of my blog, autism's gadfly, we will see what happens.

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