Sunday, September 14, 2008

Banned from wrongplanet forum

Well I have just been banned from one of the forums on It is a vilification of John Best. I posted to them about the errors of their ways just politely telling them they should be accepting of john best and not vilify him since neurodiversity is supposed to be about compassion and acceptance. It would seem it is very possible that John Best is on the autism spectrum. I told them they were being inconsistent in their philosophy if they did not accept him as one of their own. That in order to be consistent with their philosophy they should just be accepting of him. Dave Seidel countered with some stuff about how I was wrong. Someone else was asking why I am a person who is opposed to neurodiversity would be posting on wrongplanet. I told them I was just trying to show them the errors of their ways and that forums that preach to the choir are boring.

Someone named Harry Brown then went on to claim that he has tried to be helpful to me in the past suggesting ways that I could work and get my writings published. Interesting I have never seen those posts. I have only just seen some nasty, angry comments about me that he has made on wrongplanet. What is more bizarre is that harry brown claimed he thought that my essay about undiagnosing gates, einstein and jefferson was not very good. He basically called it a high school essay, crap, said I was crass and superficial etc. Yet he seems to think my writing is good enough to be published if he has offered me help in getting my writings published in the past. That seems very strange to me. Mr. Williams seems very angry and often makes abusive posts from what I have seen. It saddens me he has to embrace a flawed ideology like neurodiversity just so he can feel better about himself.

I tried to post a follow-up to Seidel's and William's nonsense and then was notified that I had been banned from the forum.

I said nothing rude or nasty to anyone. I was very polite. It just seems that wants to engage in censorship. Some of the members it would seem complained to someone and got me banned from the forum. As is typical, in the neurodiversity movement, they are intolerant of anyone who disagrees with them. When I have deleted some posts here by people who were very abusive towards me, harassing me, trying to bait me, etc. They have cried censorship, etc. Once again neurodiversity seems to throw stones from a house made of extremely fragile glass.

I guess there is no point in anyone trying to post on wrong planet who disagrees with anything they have to say as they are clearly intolerant and have no interest in having a dialogue with anyone. I guess this is par for the course from the neurodiversity movement.


Foresam said...

Alex Plank banned Droopy too. He won't let any autistic people have their say if they don't agree with his warped opinions on autism.

Foresam said...

Hey Jonathan,
That little weasel Plank deleted the whole post.

jonathan said...

What whole post, the whole thread villifying you or the post trying to tell them they should accept you?

Foresam said...

the whole thread

Anonymous said...

Hey, at least you're not missing much.

I bet you one day, Alex is going to regret ever having spent time moderating a site focusing on his disability and the get help I'm getting.

Ender said...

So they should all love and accept John, when he hates each and everyone of them and has nothing nice to say about them what so ever. Can someone explain that to me?

Anonymous said...

He won't let any autistic people have their say if they don't agree with his warped opinions on autism.

Talking about yourself again?

Anonymous said...

Droopy was banned because Beau told someone that Droopy was coming there to harrass Amanda.

lurker said...

At least the opponents of the people on Alex's side go through arguments by really talking about them, showing the ideas for the nonsense they are, when they are being malicious, while those like Alex on the other hand, spew a rigid batch of vague propaganda and irrelevant concepts to support their views and deride the contrary views, and then vilify those who dare question the lack of reality in their ideas.

I don't sense hypocrisy. Those on Alex's side are much more stringent in maintaining a consensus in views than the other side is. Who could deny that Alex's side is more resistant to dissent?

jonathan said...

well ender, you can read my post way back when on here about that, can't provide you with the link. John probably suffers from autism, that is the explaination for his behavior, so neurodiversity, in order to be consistent with their philosophy should accept him and embrace his autistic differences and celebrate his rapier wit and ability to handicap horses. If they don't they are discriminating against him, they are prejudiced, it is as simple as that. Otherwise if they don't like john best they should leave the parents from autism speaks who want to cure their kids, who physically attack people, are abusive and destroy property and scream and keep them awake all night or they are hypocrites, not hard to understand except for club ND.

Anonymous said...

John probably suffers from autism, that is the explaination for his behavior

Ah, but see he should have cured himself by now since he's convinced he knows how.

Foresam said...

Baggs SHOULD be harassed since she is a fraud. Droopy is honest and should be embraced by the autism community.

Yes, Wacko Planet should love and accept me because I am on their side. I want to give all of them the knowledge I have so they can cure themselves. I want to help deprogram them from the brainwashing they have been put through by Neuroinsanity, their doctors, our government and idiots like Plank and Ne'eman who is the replacement for Amanda Baggs.

It is not sane to celebrate being poisoned into any form of autism so I will be there to assist these people if they break free of the brainwashing long enough to accept the truth.

The fact that I'm not nice to any of these idiots is nothing personal. If they weren't propagating propaganda, we could have honest discussions.

Anonymous said...

It is not sane to celebrate being poisoned into any form of autism

No one was, so no one is.

Anonymous said...

Mitchell, Best deserves every bit of vilification he gets. Alex knows it. The only reason he deleted it was because Best linked his blog to the thread concerned. Best has a history of vilification of those on the Spectrum who don't follow his views absolutely - at a minimum. You reap what you sow.

Defending a vilifying fool is reason enough to be banned. Alex made the right decision. I would have done the same thing. It's not about whether or not Best is on the Spectrum (I happen to think he is as well). It's about his actual conduct, and his refusal to accept that it is not on. There's nothing wrong with being "prejudiced" against sheer hate.

"Otherwise if they don't like john best they should leave the parents from autism speaks who want to cure their kids, who physically attack people, are abusive and destroy property and scream and keep them awake all night or they are hypocrites, not hard to understand except for club ND."

Mitchell, this shows just how much you understand about neurodiversity. It's not hypocrisy, because we DON'T oppose treatment for those kids who attack, abuse, vandalise, scream and so on. What we oppose is the WRONG treatment. What is hard to understand about that? Also, what is so hard to understand about "There is no cure"? And the danger of eugenics?

Best, Droopy is a liar. Enough said.

Foresam said...

Sane people do not take any advice from mental cases like you. After a cure is forced on you, you will thank us for fixing you. Until then, please be quiet or I'll sue you for autistic abuse.

Anonymous said...

Go ahead, Best. You're the mental case and I can prove it easily. You should be locked up, and the most important person in that issue will thank me.


jonsmum said...

Do you have any experience of caring for an autistic child?

Foresam said...

Tell your wife to shave, will you.

jonathan said...

Timelord I understand perfectly about neurodiversity. They are opposeed to doing anything that will cure autism and there is no way that autistics can 100% come out of their condition until they are cured. There is no eugenics. It is you who are calling the kettle black and throwing stones from a house made of extremely fragile glass. The people behind autistic speaks, whose kids are autistic and not asperger's love their children. It is the neurodiversity movement that peddles vicious hate mongering under the scam of claiming autistics don't need to be changed, only accepted and that will solve everything. Alex Plank banned me because he is a coward who can't defend his positions and can't stand anyone who disagrees with him so he engages in petty censorship.

I don't know your whole story glyuas, but it sounds like most of those in the ND movement don't really give you a whole lot of credibility either and you are the best advertisement for why ASD's need to be cured.

Ender said...

So if John went in there spouting racist ideology would Alex have the right to ban him?

Ross Lumbus said...

Timelordperhaps arguing his banning here may not make as much sense as you would think

You made vague assertions about why you HAD to leave.

I personally think it may have had to do with this,

MrMark give you a "last warning" and says he has no option but to ban you.

You then leave to avoid the disgrace of another banning. (ie you can say you left of your own free will and own terms rather than were banned)
Let's be real though. We all saw this happen and know the truth and pretending it did not or that it will be conveniently forgotten but anyone but you is silly.

Jonathan have a look at this and then consider Timelord's opinion in light of this. Can you say Hypocrite?

Oh for the record I was banned there a couple of times too. I was almost banned last week after being invited back.

Foresam said...

Little Alex Plank showed up at Autism Speaks and invited everyone to Wacko Planet. Then the weasel wouldn't answer my questions about discriminating against anyone who cures autism. He even deleted his first post on the subject after I showed that he was a liar since he could not counter what I had to say. You'd think Alex would be happy to have lots of lying idiots like Phil there.

jonathan said...

Hi Ross, I can't look at those posts unless i have time to go to the library and use their computer. My IP address here has been totally banned from not only participating in WPs forums but also from reading any of the discussions as well. It was that guy Mr. Mark who has some power there apparently who asked me the rhetorical question of why I would even be posting on a neurodiversity site when my SN on WP was NDjustsayno. After I answered him saying I was just trying to show them the error of their ways and telling him I though websites that preached to the choir were boring he responded with "sorry you're bored" and banned me and I can't even look at the posts using this computer.

Ross Lumbus said...

Damn! Not very tolerant.
I personally don't agree with either your or Foresam's idea that Autism is curable and have grave reservations as to whether curing is a good thing even in theory.

What I don't have a problem with is you believing what you believe in and think that you ought to have been able to have a differing point of view.

I will be even more frank. We are a minority. We are used to a little intolerance and objectified ridicule and the thought that there are people out there "representing us" that are behaving in a way that is as intolerant is amazing to me.

Ask Timelord about how tolerant society should be towards people on the spectrum. Now ask him how tolerant society should be towards people who believe that autism isn't genetic and can be pharmaceutically removed.

You will see hypocrisy. You will see intolerance.

He sees his "fighting" as supportive but it really isn't. No-one benefits. I honestly don't no why you allow him to post here. The only example he serves is a bad one.

Oh basically the crux of the WP posts was he was threatened with banning, given a last warning and jumped before he was pushed to save face. Was very funny.

Reality Check said...

I said nothing rude or nasty to anyone. I was very polite.

No matter what polite words you use, to defend JB is rude, nasty and impolite. Live with it.

jonathan said...

I was not defending JB. I was just pointing out how inconsistent the ND movement is in that they preach against intolerance towards those on the spectrum and they claim that autistics need acceptance and not a cure and their behavior should be tolerated. So, assuming JB is in fact on the spectrum and this explains his nasty behavior, cybertantrums, etc., this would seem to contradict the tenents of ND. That is not the same as defending him.