Thursday, March 13, 2014

Interesting article on Adam Lanza by Andrew Solomon

There's been some buzz in the media recently about an interview that Peter Lanza--the father of Newgate shooter Adam Lanza--had done for New Yorker Magazine.  I was interested to discover that this article is now online  The author was Andrew Solomon who wrote the book "Far From the Tree" that dealt with multiple disabilities, including autism.  About five years ago, Solomon also wrote an article about the neurodiversity movement for New York Magazine.  Your humble blogger was briefly mentioned in this article as well as in Solomon's book.

The article leaves no doubt whatsoever that Adam Lanza had a professionally made diagnosis of Asperger's syndrome.  The neurodiversity movement often makes diagnoses of virtuous figures such as Bill Gates, Albert Einstein, Vernon Smith, etc. to help promote the idea that autism could be a good thing.  They were apparently in no hurry to do this with Lanza.  In fact, after the shootings, a flurry of articles appeared attempting to distance autism spectrum disorders from the shooting and an insistence that there is no relationship between autism and violent crime.  Ironically, one of these individuals was Wrong Planet founder Alex Plank who, when one WP member threatened people, neglected to report this fact to the authorities, resulting in the deaths of two innocent victims. Subsequently, another individual last year threatened to go out and murder some people.  This member is still a member on WP in good standing.  WP only deleted the post apparently after Gadfly reported this to the FBI and WP was contacted. 

I won't comment on this article further, but I found it interesting reading and I believe some others may also.  My one final thought to Alex Plank and other members of the neurodiversity movement is you can't have your cake and eat it too. 


Anonymous said...

There is no more a relationship between autism and violent crime than there is between any other human trait and violent crime. It is made clear in the article that Adam Lanza rejected the diagnosis and didn't adjust to it. That tells a rather bigger story don't you think, sir?

jonathan said...

@anonymous 5:08

No, not really

Anonymous 5:08 said...

Well then I wonder about your ability to read, sir.