Friday, June 8, 2012

an article those who scorn pro-cure autistics should read

Neurodiversity activisit Alex Plank has stated that most autistics don't want to be cured.  This is in spite of the fact he's not above accepting charity from Autism Speaks, the organization who has stated that their ultimate goal is a cure for autism.

There are apparently at least some other members of the neurodiversity movement who feel this way also.
One immature teenage girl said that I'm like who Jew who helped the nazis during the holocaust.  Two of the most hard core hatemongers in the ND movement, whom I'll decline to name in this post, have stated that my desire for a cure for autism and even my disability comes from a domineering mother who was a witch and a shrew who taught me to hate myself.  These individuals have effectively tried to bring back the Bettelheim era which I lived through as a small child.  Retired neurodiversity blogger, the autistic bitch from hell has stated that all of the multiple persons with autism who receive disability benefits or applied for disability benefits are uncle toms who do so because we don't want to take responsibility for our lives and want to grovel before the feet of bureaucrats who'll pat us on our little incompetent heads.  She states we ought to be lined up against the wall and shot and/or strangled to death and turned into cat food.  ABFH is rumored to be Meg Evans, one of the executives in the autistic self-advocacy network who now have a seat on the IACC and the National Council on Disabilities, even though in the past they've stated they don't believe autism and Asperger's are disabilities.

Here's an article I believe the above-named individuals and others who feel as they do should read.


Socrates said...

Well, then they met me and I showed them what autism and a computer can do. Now they know.

Also I am terrified of loosing my SSI - can I come live in your shed?

jonathan said...

If your SSI is too loose, just tighten the belt buckle.

Sorry, I'm fresh out of sheds.

PonderingMind said...

Yes, I completely agree us pro-cure autistics should respect and accept us if they're expecting the same thing from everyone else.

How hard of a concept could that be? It's not like those anti-cure autists have to suffer from the problems I share with some late-talkers who are not autistic, yet I'm expected to be more like an Ari Ne'eman.