Sunday, March 13, 2011

the spam catcher on blogger

I just wanted to let my readers know, some of whose comments did not get published that apparently blogger has some sort of spam catcher that I was unaware of before. These posts got caught in this contraption so I have published them just now. (better late than never as they say). There were a couple by lorene amet that she wrote to me about before privately and then reposted, so I did not bother to post these, I regret that Ms. Amet had to repost these. I remember Socrates was pestering me about some comment that did not get published and maybe this was it, I don't know, but I published it in the dated thread about John Robison wanting to study geek success. This has now been published many months after it was written.

Roger Kulp wrote what at first glance looked like there was an interesting comment about John Robison wanting to check the genetic blood or something like that but I forget which thread it was in, but it has now been published.

There was someone else who admitted that their comment was slightly off topic and then stated something to the effect that I could "censor" certain comments on my own blog. I don't remember the exact details, but I published this in the thread it was placed in, but don't remember what it was.

There was one comment that did not seem relevant to anything and indeed was legitimate spam, so I did not bother to publish it.

I think I know how to check for spam and will be doing so periodically so mixups like this don't happen in the future (assuming I continue to write blog posts).

So, I apologize to Gadfly readers for this and that I am not more adept and can't do better with computer and blogger issues.

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