Thursday, February 19, 2009

do autistics belong in padded rooms

Well there is more interesting news on the evil special educators redux department.
Did anyone ever tell you, you were so crazy you belonged in a padded cell? Maybe they did but they were probably being metaphorical and not entirely serious. The following is interesting in light of this. read details here


Mayfly said...

I wonder if the person became bruised by hitting the walls or hitting himself. It does not say if there was anyone watching the person in the room.

On the face of it, a safe area to blow of steam seems a pretty good idea, but details are lacking

Ed said...

Not all of them, but YOU sure do!

jonathan said...

Not all of them, but YOU sure do!

LOLing Ed! Somehow I knew that at least one of the members of ND would make that statement.

Anonymous said...

..and with that, another piece surfaces of all that these mentally ill wolves malingering as 'autistic' (Donna Williams, Kassiane Sibley, Amanda Baggs and others) had hoped to avoid in the first place..

Foresam said...

Phil Gluyas and Andrews tsrike me as the most likely to need padded rooms.